Naked in the Woods 2

Naked in the Woods 2

Naked in the Woods 2

With the success of last year's FReeZACentral all girl compilation, Naked In The Woods, the concept will return for the series two in September, 2010. Spanning all genres, from folk, indie, roots, pop, soul and R'n'B, Naked In The Woods 2 will feature a line up of established and emerging female artists involved in the 2010 mentoring program.

Tracks from visionary mentor artists Angie Hart, Clare Bowditch, Deborah Conway, Jess Harlen, Jess McAvoy, Monique Brumby and The Little Stevies, sit alongside their stunning young protégés, Courtney Barnett, Gracie Hester, Izzy, Jessie Upton, M.C.K., Tyla Bertolli and Yelka.

FReeZaCentral, part of Victoria Rocks, a Victorian Government initiative, managed by The Push and Mushroom Marketing, helps budding young artists and industry professionals kick start their music careers. FReeZaCentral annually pairs 50 young Victorians with their dream mentors across five streams including performance, technical production, event management, music business and marketing and publicity. As well as learning from their mentor during the six month program, mentees record and release a CD, and work on tour events and festivities. Naked in the Woods 2
Clare Bowditch- The Start Of War: Having performed on the Melbourne pub circuit since she was 17, Bowditch first came to prominence in 2005 with the release of her second album, What Was Left. Following the album's success she won the Best Female Artist Award at the 2006 ARIAs. Clare and her new seven-piece band recently released her new album, Modern Day Addictions. "Essentially it's about the internal mechanisms we have to criticise ourselves and others... It's about the way we start conflict and how we talk about it in the larger world... The son explores human nature and our relationships with each other. Ultimately it's a call to let go of blame".

Country Barnett- Anonymous Club: Recently back from a tour of the east coast and Adelaide, 2010 sees Courtney Barnett and Friends recording an EP 'of sorts'. Their popular track Things To Consider Before RSVPing To A Party, is soon to be released on a UK compilation album and has received airplay on Triple J. "I wrote Anonymous Club on a whim a few days before we went into the studio. It was un-rehearsed and un-arranged. All I had was the two-chord guitar line, one verse that repeats, and somehow it ended up being the best song I've ever written (in my eyes)".

The Little Stevies- Come to Miss You: Over the last four years The Little Stevies have built a reputation across Australia as an exceptional live act and attracted an army of loyal fans, won over by their honest charm, witty banter and - not least of all- unique song-writing. They released their debut album, Love Your Band, in 2009. "We chose this track off our first album, Love Your Band, because it's one of our favourites but we never put it out there as a single. The song was written not long after a friend I hadn't seen in a while died in a car accident, so it's about the shock of losing someone unexpectedly, but wanting to send them a message via song that you'll never forget them".

Yelka- Tears: Yelka's charming imperfect voice hovers gorgeously throughout minimal acoustic-based arrangements gleaming with lyrical and instrumental hooks. She scored the FReeZA Push Start APRA Song Writer's Award in 2008. Following this win, Yelka enamored audiences and judges alike at the 2008 Queenscliff Music Festival's Foot In The Door competition, picking up first prize in the Acoustic Category. She has since been working diligently developing her material for her debut EP release. "It's about some childhood experiences. I tend to write about how I'm feeing or things from the past and how they made me feel."

Jess Harlen- I Go: Named Best Unsigned Artist at the 2007 Urban Music Awards, Melbourne-based artist Jess Harlen takes soul back to its roots. Jess has recently finished her highly anticipated debut album, Neon Heartache, produced by Plutonic Lab. The album features collaborations with artists Natalie Pa'a Pa'a (Blue King Brown) and Ngaiire (Sydney) and delves into soul, blues, roots and subtle hip hop beats and marks a new territory in urban music. "This track is one of the most unique on the album; it feels galactic and glittery but rhythmically is sold and earthy. It celebrates moving through suffering, and how you start to see the beauty in the world again."

M.C.K.- Don't Go: M.C.K. is one of Melbourne's most talented emerging artists, with a forte of lyrical ability and soulful vocals she has always been a lover of music. In 2010 M.C.K. continues to redefine her fervent ability to prepare herself for pure entertainment and deliver genuine and pure soul through her dynamic live performances. "The opportunity to work with producer, Styalz, who has worked with hip hop artists like Chamillioniare, was an exquisite experience! It's very different to the previous songs I have written. It's about cheating and regret".

Angie Hart- Loving Hating It: Angie Hart first rose to fame as the co-founder of ARIA award-winning band, Frente, before forming the duo Splendid, and teaming up with Dean Manning as Holidays On Ice. More recently, she has released two solo albums, Grounded Bird (2007) and Eat My Shadow (2009). "I chose Loving Hating It because it never made it on my album, Eat My Shadow and not everyone has heard it. I learnt the term "loving hating it", when I began meditating in earnest. People think mediating is always some form of bliss, but there's a lot of ugly stuff that must be faced before you get there. So, I learnt the practice of 'loving hating it', which I apply to anything I am not enjoying, but must do."

Tyla Bertolli- When Full: Tyla Bertolli is an indie pop/acoustic artist. At the beginning of 2008 she teamed up with well-known producer Sam Panetta of Melodic Music (Kisscahsy, Angelas Dish) and is ready to release her first EP, A Brilliant Tragedy. "I chose a track I wrote a while ago. It's about the world not making sense, not only to a person like myself who is only really starting to figure out their place in the world, but in the bigger picture as well; the bigger problems and issues we are facing as a global community".

Monique Brumby- Anchor: Monique Brumby released her first album on Columbia Records in 1996 after a very successful musical partnership with producer David Bridie. She won two ARIA Awards for Best New Artist and Best Female Artist in consecutive years. Monique has also had three additional ARIA nominations including Song of the Year for The Change In Me. Monique has just completed her fourth album, Skeletons Polka. "I chose Anchor because for me it is a very spiritually connected song. The metaphor of being lost at sea and having an anchor to keep you from drifting is about being there for someone when they need support and understanding- that is build barriers and walls and not let love in, does more harm than good".

Jess McAvoy- Pebbles and Mountains: Often placed in the urban folk genre, Jess McAvoy's performance style is generally solo armed with an acoustic guitar. She has eight albums under her belt and her most recent release, As the Sun Falls, was co-produced with Marty Brown. Accolades for this have included Album of the Week in Melbourne's Beat, and four and a half stars in The Age. "Lyrically I think it's very strong, and the imagery is very close to my heart."

Izzy- A Legacy: This 18 year old singer/songwriter from Geelong has been playing the piano and singing from an early age. In 2006 she released her debut EP titled, Listen. Her down-to-earth lyrics and heartfelt piano style have a profound effect on those who have heard her play. Izzy's second EP, Desertion, will be released later this year. "A Legacy was written in memory of my grandmother who left a positive impact on my life. I hope that people can listen to my song and relate it to their own experiences, reflect on happy memories they've had with someone special and who has influenced their own lives."

Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier- Something's Right: Deborah Conway burst on the Australian music scene in the '80s in the band Do-Re-Mi. Her debut solo album, String of Pearls, was release in 1991 and contained a number of hit songs including, It's Only The Beginning, Under My Skin and Release Me and won Deborah the ARIA Award for Best Female Artist. In 1993 Deborah and collaborator Willy Zygier produced Bitch Epic. Deborah has released a plethora of albums over the years and kept firm roots in the music industry. "Something's Right is off an album called Summertown that Willy Zygier and I released in 2004. It's an optimistic love song with a slightly melancholy edgy and it's one I always love playing live."

Gracie Hester- 77 Times: Gracie Hester describes her music as folk/acoustic and is heavily influenced by Johnny Cash and Kasey Chambers. She has been performing for four years and released her demo EP, Whisper My Name, in 2008. She has taken part in a number of band competitions and recently took out second place in an open-mic event. "This track best shows where I want my music career to go".

Jessie Upton- Understand: Jessie Upton describes herself as a jazz singer influenced by the big MGM musicals of days gone by and jazz songstresses. Jessie combines with piano or guitar to provide an intimate performance. "I chose to include one of my first songs I ever wrote. It is a very old style jazz ballad accompanied by Kym Dillion on piano. I chose it as it best represents what I want my music to be.

Review: The Naked in the Woods 2 CD contains a stunning variety of classic artists from the gorgeous Clare Bowditch to Angie Hart, Jessie Upton and many, many more.

Naked in the Woods 2 provides an interesting compilation of adorable female artists containing all different types of music from indie and folk to pop and rock, ensuring this album is a must have for all Australians.

Clare Bowditch opens the album with The Start Of War which is an amazing folk song with an assortment of melodic and dynamic instrumental. The Start Of War showcases Clare Bowditch's experiment with a modern and electric sound. Bowditch is known for beautiful and poetic lyrics and The Start Of War is no expectation as the lyrics are strong, emotive and overall impressive. Katya Hone describes Clare Bowditch's voice as "fluid, that ebs and flows throughout the song".

Feeling down? Need a lift? Then go straight to track six, M.C.K.- Don't Go. This song is an amazing track that will provide an uplifting feel of harmony and success, even though the song is about cheating and regret...
-Brooke Hunter


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