Nahko and Medicine For The People - 'Take Your Power Back'

Nahko and Medicine For The People - 'Take Your Power Back'

May 15 2020 sees Nahko And Medicine For The People release their new album 'Take Your Power Back' (Medicine Tribe/SideOneDummy Records via Cooking Vinyl Australia), an expansive 18-track manifesto that speaks out in support of issues close to Nahko's heart - environmental activism, Indigenous rights, and radical self-love. Executive produced by Dan Fratoni and cut&dry, 'Take Your Power Back' sees Nahko venturing into new musical territories, weaving elements of hip-hop, world music, and folk-rock into a singular and diverse sonic tapestry.


"This album came out of a reawakening," says Nahko. "I found myself entering a new chapter in my life, and writing these songs was my way of processing all the changes I was going through...taking my power back, to me, meant exploring an entire landscape of recovery. It meant the rebuilding of a young, lost cub on a journey to find himself and love himself in a world that's seemingly pitted against him."


"Exploring a landscape of recovery" feels especially relevant today, as the world looks to move forward in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nahko offers a message of hope and healing that resonates even more deeply in 2020.


Nahko is a vocal environmentalist, and album standout "Honor The Earth" reflects that. Nahko performed "Honor The Earth" as part of Earth Day Live alongside Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz and more, plus appearances by Al Gore, Pope Francis, and many other prominent environmental advocates.


While in isolation, Nahko has been hosting conversations with friends and collaborators on his weekly live streamed Instagram show Medicine Tribe TV: Real Medicine. Guests have included Marianne Williamson, Shailene Woodley, Aaron Rodgers, and more. mus