My Two Super Mums

My Two Super Mums

My Two Super Mums

What's Better than One Mum?

Two, of course! -I've got two super mums, and that is A-Okay, they're the coolest most fantastic mums, and I wouldn't want it any other way'

The fifth children's book release in the 'My Super Family" series arrives just in time for Mother's Day. 'My Two Super Mums" picks up where 'My Two Super Dads" left off. The latest -super' family children's book features two super mums enjoying their daily life with their twin daughters. With everything from trips to the snow, baking, and visits from their Dad - this is a modern day story, perfect for children to understand that families are no longer just the stereotypical Mum, Dad, and 2.5 kids.

'Originally I wrote My Super Single Mum in response to my own parental situation," says Bronny Lane, Author 'after so many people said to me you should write books for all family situations I took their advice and so the series was born".

Also in the series are 'My Two Super Dads", 'My Super Groovy Gran", 'My Super Single Dad", 'My Super Single Mum" and the newly launched 'My Two Super Mums". Films such as 'Gayby Baby" have highlighted the changing make-up of families, the books are perfect for pre and school age children right up to grade six level. Perfect nighttime reading and simple for first time readers the books reinforce the message that it's not what you spend on a child but rather the time spent with them. The books communicate messages of love, safety and security as the most important of family values.

'It really doesn't matter the makeup of your family," says Bronny, 'there are families of different shapes and sizes; one or two parents, two dads and two mums, foster parents, adopted and more. Even I have what I like to call a -blamily' these days, a blended family; my partner has 3 children and I have 1, together we are one happy squad".

Bronny, herself the daughter of a gay parent, has more books planned showcasing all different types of families with work already begun on My Super Sole Dad which will focus on families with a step father.

For 'My Two Super Mums" and 'My Super Sole Dad" Bronny has teamed up with Fleur Vaslet, an illustrator and mother at her daughter's school. With the four previous books written with international illustrators the time was right to work with an illustrator closer to home. Ironically Fleur hails from the United Kingdom with a French background, however she resides in Australia with her own multicultural blended family (her husband is from AFRICA) and in a handy twist of fate – lives just around the corner. The result of this collaboration is a beautiful children's book for all families to treasure.

'Finally having a book that shows our family as -normal' is such a valuable thing for our family and many others like ours, as well as society as a whole; we are just that -normal'" Karrie Jade McWeir.

My Two Super Mums
Little Train Publishing House
Author: Bronny Lane
ISBN: 978098710708
RRP: $15

Interview with Bronny Lane

Question: What inspired you to write My Two Super Mums?

Bronny Lane: I actually grew up in a really diverse environment, my father was gay, my mum was a single mother (after they separated) and my mothers best friend was in a gay relationship or a "Two Super Mums" relationship if you like, raising their children in a blended family home. After writing My Super Single Mum, 8 years ago it seemed necessary to keep going with all the different types of families. I also had readers reach out asking me to write more, I actually had a suggestion for another book from another reader just last week. I had already written My Two Super Dads and so the timing seemed perfect to bring My Two Super Mums to life.

Question: What do you hope to achieve with My Two Super Mums?

Bronny Lane: I hope to normalise the idea of different families, to help people understand that it doesn't matter the makeup of your family as long as there is love, safety and security. I started off in a two parent family, then my parents separated and I was a part of two family situations, one with a gay father and one with a single mother, in my adult life I have been a single mother and now I am blessed to have grown my family by 4 and be a part of a big blended family with 4 children to love making us a very Brady Bunch 6.

Question: What other books are featured in the My Super Family series?

Bronny Lane: My Super Single Mum, My Two Super Dads, My Super Groovy Gran, My Super Single Dad and My Two Super Mums.

Question: What's next for My Super Family series?

Bronny Lane: We are currently working on My Super Soul Dad which is a book about stepfathers, except we decided that we prefer the idea of a Daddy for the soul. That is doesn't matter if you are related by blood, but more that you have a beautiful parental connection and this of course can be seen in many family dynamics not just a blended family or a blamily as I lovingly refer to my own blended family.

Interview by Brooke Hunter