My Super Single Dad

My Super Single Dad

My Super Single Dad

The fourth children's book release in the My Super Family series is arriving just in time for Father's Day. My Super Single Dad picks up where My Super Single Mum left off. This time we have a single father and his little boy enjoying their day‐to‐day time together. With everything from surf trips to riding bikes to pretend sword fights, it's non-stop fun at Super Single Dad's house with a healthy dose of love, safety and security thrown in.


This charming book is perfect in identifying that for every Super Single Mum there is also a Super Single Dad who also needs to feel that the job they are doing is worthwhile and valued.


The book suits ages 0 – 7 and was written to communicate several key values:

It's not what you spend on a child but rather the time you spend with a child that matters;

All children need is to feel loved, safe and secure; and

It doesn't matter what the makeup of your family is, there are families of different shapes and sizes, one parent or two!


'Finding myself a single mother was hard enough in my mid 30s, leaving a corporate career and going it alone, but discovering there were no books relevant for my child made me sad. That's why I created My Super Family so all children would have a book they could relate to, especially those not in traditional families' Bronny Fallens said.


The books showcase all types of families: gay, straight, adoptive, blended and more. With three books already released, the goal of the series is to provide a generation of children with stories they can relate to. This book in particular was written to empower single dads to know that the job they are doing is super and appreciated.


'My Super Single Dad is the perfect response to My Super Single Mum, because all parents, whether they be a single mother or a single father, need their own book to share with their child that is reflective of the makeup of their family" said Bronny.


My Super Single Dad is another long distance creation with Bronny living in Melbourne and her latest collaborator and illustrator Lisa living in the USA: the entire book was written, illustrated, project managed and published through the internet!


The 2012 census confirmed that 19% of all children live in single parent households while the other 31% live in non-stereotypical family situations.


Supporting the book are the additional facts from the Australian Social Trends Report released June 2010:

13% of Australians live in poverty with 6.8% of these being single parent families.

28% of single parent families with children under 2 are in the workforce. o Use of childcare for single parent families is 78%


The ABS estimate by 2026 there will be up to 1.4 million sole parent families in Australia.


Further, a spot survey conducted with the number 1 parenting website in Australia – The Bub Hub ( returned the following results from the target audience (66 random people surveyed):


37% were made up of Single Mothers, Same Sex partners & parents, blended families, foster families and families with a special needs child / children.

79% said they would buy a book about alternate family situations.

89% of people surveyed said -yes' when asked if these books should be made available in schools


The following comments were made in this survey:

'I think it would be great if kids living in alternative family situations got to see that reflected in stories."

'I am a childcare worker and teacher. I believe we need lots more books like this to reflect our current society. To teach children acceptance from birth is extremely important and for children who find themselves in these positions it is important that they feel 'normal" and that they can see versions of themselves in books. It will also increase their self esteem."

'(These books should be available) because children of all different family types should be able to borrow a book that reflects their own home life. My own children may be interested in how other families run also."

'I think schools should have it as some children do have same sex parents or their parents are not together then children can see how other families live."

Bronny Fallens is a pioneer for both these single parents and their kids. My Super Single Dad is perfect for both school teaching and bedtime reading. Bronny is a passionate voice for the under represented and her no-­‐ holds-­‐back approach to life makes her an interesting subject to interview. 'It's my way of showing children that everyone's normal is different and they are perfect exactly the way they are." said Bronny.

My Super Single Dad
Author: Bronny Fallens
RRP: $15.00