Mrs Queen Takes the Train

Mrs Queen Takes the Train

Mrs Queen Takes the Train

In this charming, whimsical story William Kuhn explores what happens when a long-serving and long-suffering monarch decides to go AWOL.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, is growing increasingly weary and disenchanted after her decades of public service and years of family scandal. One day, the Queen takes things into her own hands and, in a spur-of-the-moment decision, leaves the palace alone and incognito.

An unlikely group of six are the only ones who know of her disappearance - two of the Queen's most trusted household staff members, one of her loyal ladies in waiting, an equerry fresh from the battlefields of Iraq, a young equestrienne from the Royal Mews, and an Etonian spending his early 20's behind the counter in an artisanal cheese shop in Mayfair, moonlighting as a tabloid photographer.

Together, they vow to bring her back to the palace before MI5 and the media turn her Scottish sojourn into a national crisis.

Inspired by his work inside the Royal Archives of Windsor Castle and time spent with courtiers, listening to their stories, William Kuhn delivers a funny, poignant and extremely charming look at the Royal family.

William Kuhn is a biographer, historian, and the author of Reading Jackie: Her Autobiography in Books, an account of the editorial life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Kuhn's other books include The Politics of Pleasure: A Portrait of Benjamin Disraeli (2006); Henry and Mary Ponsonby: Life at the Court of Queen Victoria (2002); and Democratic Royalism (1996). William Kuhn lives in Boston. He has lived and continues to spend a great deal of time in the UK and also writes for a number of British newspapers and magazines.

Mrs Queen Takes the Train
Allen & Unwin
Author: William Kuhn
Price: $29.99