Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Cans

Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Cans

Jennifer Hawkins Secrets for Staying Healthy, Fresh and Hydrated this Summer

Jennifer Hawkins and Australia's favourite water brand, Mount Franklin, have teamed up to launch the new Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling range of sparkling water with a Hint of Natural Flavour in a Can.

Available in three delicious natural flavours – a hint of Lime, Mango or Raspberry - all with no sugar, no sweeteners and no preservatives. The slim 250ml can delivers Mount Franklin light bubbles, ideal for icy-cold hydration this summer.

Unveiling the new range, Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling, Ambassador Jennifer Hawkins encouraged Aussies to crack open a can and stay hydrated this summer Jennifer said, 'Staying hydrated is an important part of my health and beauty regime and is never more important than during the warmer months, when life gets that little bit busier."

'That's why I'm excited to announce the launch of the new Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Cans range. I love that they contain mouth-watering hints of natural fruit flavours combined with all the goodness of Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling. Whether I'm at the beach, on the go, or at home, I'll be sipping on Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling in a can."

Jennifer Hawkins' top 5 tips for summer

Jennifer Hawkins reveals her secrets for staying healthy, fresh and hydrated this summer as she celebrates the launch of the new -Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling' water in a can, with a hint of natural flavour

As an Aussie, summer is my favourite time of year and I love spending my days outdoors, at the beach, with friends and family and out and about. Whether I'm at home, working on a shoot or travelling – staying fresh and healthy is a huge part of my lifestyle and something I place a huge emphasis on as part of my daily routine. Here are my top tips for keeping healthy, fresh and hydrated this summer – to ensure you can sparkle all season long:

Look for nutritious and fresh food
Eating healthy, fresh and clean foods is a huge part of my routine and lifestyle. I really notice a difference in my energy levels when I eat a healthy and balanced diet. In the warmer months I naturally gravitate towards big, beautiful salads filled with gorgeous vegetables, legumes and proteins, as well as fresh fruit and wholegrains. This allows me to sustain my energy levels and feel light and active in the hotter months.

Stay hydrated
It's so important for you body and skin to keep hydrated in the summer months. Whether I am at home or on the go, I always make sure I have water with me to ensure I can keep hydrated and refreshed.

My new favourite drink is the -Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling' water range in a can. Sparkling spring water and a hint of natural flavours in Lime, Mango or Raspberry and with no sugar, no sweeteners and no preservatives (so you know you're just getting the good stuff!).

The MFLS cans are conveniently sized (250ml) and quick to chill. Pefect for quenching your summer thirst!

Keep active
I am a massive believer in maintaining an active lifestyle, whether it is walking on the beach, jogging with your dog, hitting the gym or doing a Pilates class – exercise is fantastic for both the body and mind.

Personally I love pilates and running on the beach as these forms of exercise really helps me to clear my mind, relax and unwind after a busy day (or to help me prepare for a big day)! Of course, I also love taking my dog, Milly for big long walks – she is the best exercise buddy!

Get enough Z's
I believe that it is important to give yourself a break – there is nothing worse then being overtired. From personal experience, I know that when I am exhausted I am most likely to look for a sugar hit to help boost my energy.

Prioritise time with friends and family
Last but definitely not least, it is important to make sure you spend time with friends and family. I love nothing better than spending time with my husband, Jake, my close friends and family, as it allows me to switch off and go back to work feeling reinspired.

Summer is the perfect time for entertaining, so whether it is a lunch at home, a BBQ at the beach or something special – make sure you make the most of time with your loved ones.

For consumer convenience Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Cans are available in a 250ml cans ($2.00 RRP each), ideal to enjoy on the go, or in a 4 x 250ml can multipack ($4.50 RRP) to take home. The cans are available now.