I Hear Dead People Modern Day Mediums

I Hear Dead People Modern Day Mediums

Many people don't know what they're planning to cook for dinner; let alone what the future holds in store for them. Unless of course, they are one of thousands of Australian mediums who lay claim to psychic powers and the ability to communicate with spirits beyond the grave.

It's the stuff of movies and television shows - think Jennifer Love Hewitt from Disney's Ghost Whisperer series, but could mediums have a place in the very real and busy lifestyles we lead today? Tarot card reader and psychic medium Joanne Human believes they can, and their guidance can be a useful tool in everything from day-to-day decision making to picking out the gown you wear on your wedding day.

"We exercise and eat well to keep our bodies in shape, we read, write and work hard to keep our brain up to speed, but what about the soul? Psychic readings and spiritual guidance are nice ways to look after our inner-selves, and the way we fit in with the universe. The bigger picture stuff," says Joanne.

It may sound like crazy talk, but 26-year-old Meeghan Bathurst is a sworn believer in consulting the stars when it comes to making large life choices.

"I used to bounce a lot of things off my friends, like all women do. But sometimes I wanted a little bit more convincing - a bit more of a hint that I was headed down the right track. Or wrong in some instances!" she says.

But while tarot card and palm readings can claim to provide insight into your future, some mediums take it one step further and say they can speak to people from your past.

"It's not everybody's cup of tea, but there are definitely people out there who have things to say to loved ones who have passed away before their families were ready," says Joanne.

"Often it's a parent wanting to finally farewell a child they have lost, or partners wanting to be assured their husbands, wives or lovers are in a safe place and at rest," she says.

Like The Ghost Whisperer's main character, Melinda, Joanne says juggling her personal, professional and spiritual lives can sometimes be a strain, and acting as a medium can be not only mentally, but physically draining as well. But at the end of the day, for all the kooky jokes and black magic references, it's an ability she feels hugely enriches her life, and those who come to see her for guidance.

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