MOBS Say Anything

MOBS Say Anything

Release New Single and EP!

In the space of the last twelve months Melbourne four-piece, MOBS, have bunkered down in the recording studio and developed a sound that somewhat places them in a similar category to artists like DNCE, MKTO, The Vamps, Sheppard and Last Dinosaurs – to name a few. Don't be quick to pigeonhole the band though, as you'll soon come to hear, the band have been busy experimenting and drawing sounds from a retro era, writing songs from the perspective of the main character of specific 80's or 90's films but the sound not wavering too far off course that fans have come to know and love.

'We knew going in that we wanted to incorporate an 80s pop vibe, but we also wanted to do something different at the same time," says singer Jordan Clarey.

The band – featuring Jordan Clarey (Vocals/Keys), Michael Ashfield (Guitar), Matt Purcell (Drums) and Scott MacDougall (Bass/Keys) – first rose to prominence under the guise of Move On Be Strong, a pop-punk band that had moderate success touring with the likes of Short Stack, At Sunset and With Confidence and who had released two EP's and three singles since their inception in 2013. However after tweaking their name to the acronym of MOBS at the beginning of 2017, it has helped the band to find a rebirth musically.

The group released their debut single, 'Dark Side of a Good Thing", on January 27 2017 – their first under the guise of MOBS – followed by the fully fledged 'Bad Love" EP on May 12 2017. The EP saw the band's first success on commercial radio with the single receiving airplay on Melbourne's Hit FM and KIIS FM as well as live TV appearances on MTV and Channel 9.

With the promise of two new EPs, the first of which to be released on Friday October 26 and titled 'You Want Beauty?" and featuring the lead single 'Say Anything" due to be released on Friday October 13, MOBS is set to have a fast finish to the year and plan to keep fans excited and engaged with the comfort of new music moving in to the new year and, with it, plenty of new content and live shows.

'Say Anything" was written about the Cameron Crowe movie of the same name but written in the perspective of the protagonist, announcing that he will do whatever she needs him to do, as long as he can make her happy. ''Say Anything', to me, is the most relatable song we have," says Jordan. 'The song is simple at heart, it's about wanting someone and willing and wanting to do or say anything possible to make their relationship possible. He will always be there for her".

MOBS, who have always entertained and won fans over with their catchy melodies boosted with their high energy, describe the forthcoming single and EP as 'day and night" when compared to anything they've released previously.

'Our songs focus on a more unique, more fun experience - melodically, thematically and musically," says Clarey. 'We want to inspire an 80s nostalgia while still being relevant in today's market. The songs we've recorded have the most depth to anything we've done before".

'We want to show the world who we are. We love what we do and we want to continue to write more music together".