Mindfulness for Unravelling Anxiety

Mindfulness for Unravelling Anxiety

Finding calm & clarity in uncertain times

Mindfulness for Unravelling Anxiety helps loosen the knots and tangles of anxiety and explores the ways we can break their stifling bonds through better understanding of the root of the problem - the mind.

Anxiety is a state many of us know only too well. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is on the global increase, with 1 in 7 adults affected in Australia alone. Richard Gilpin shares frank personal anecdotes and therapeutic insights, revealing how mindfulness can create a path for us through anxiety. With wisdom and clarity, he guides us through the transformative practice of mindfulness meditation.

Richard Gilpin (Brighton, UK) is a counsellor, cognitive behavioural psychotherapist and meditation instructor. Richard has worked with people suffering with all recognized types of anxiety disorders for the last decade. He has an MA in Buddhist Studies and is co-founder of the Bodhi Garden, a registered charitable trust based in the south of England. His research into the origins and practices of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy was published in 2008, and he is the author of Mindfulness for Black Dogs and Blue Days (2012).

Mindfulness for Unravelling Anxiety
Murdoch Books Australia
Author: Richard Gilpin
ISBN: 9781782403180
RRP: $19.99