Mind Your Heart

Mind Your Heart

Mind Your Heart

It's Time for a Man's Perspective!

From the mind of an 'ordinary bloke' comes an all-Australian guide to relationships. Be you man or woman, the same questions are asked: 'Can I choose who I fall in love with?', 'Why do my relationships fail?' and 'Can either of us change?', and now, Vince Stafrace has the answers.

The revolutionary PELT relationship device - Physical, Emotional, Lifestyles and Timing, developed by Stafrace himself, derives from his observations of the people around him, and provides those who are lost with solutions to find themselves, and maybe that special someone.

Now, with a man's perspective, relationships are innovatively translated into a jigsaw, where, using the four quadrants of PELT, one can work out the pieces that go towards a better and healthier relationship Completely jargon-free, Aussie relatable and acutely compassionate, Mind Your Heart gives those unlucky-in-love souls a way 'out of blame and into self awareness.'

Mind Your Heart is a book by an Australian for Australians who are searching for the right relationship answers.

Vincent Stafrace, who describes himself as an "ordinary bloke," is often asked by his family, friends and colleagues for relationship advice. He developed his original PELT relationship device over several years, basing it purely on his observations of what does and does not work when it comes to love. By following the suggestions and using the PELT relationship tool, many couples have succeeded in their pursuit for a relationship that lasts.

Mind Your Heart
A&A Book Publishing
Author: Vincent Stafrace
Price: $29.99