Million Dollar Micro Business Tina Tower

Million Dollar Micro Business Tina Tower

A million dollar micro business. It sounds too good to be true – but it's not. Through your life you've acquired skills and knowledge that other people want. So, what if you could turn this expertise into an online course and sell it to millions of people around the world? With technology advancements and set-up costs at an all time low, now is the time to get started and uncover your income potential.

In Million Dollar Micro Business: How To Turn Your Expertise Into A Digital Online Course, award-winning serial entrepreneur and author Tina Tower shows you everything you need to know to create a profitable online course based on expertise you've gained through your life, business, academic work, and career.

From ideation to launch and growth, Tina presents a practical, proven and comprehensive approach that's been used by countless people to realise their dreams. Readers follows a proven framework along with revealing case studies of people who have successfully scaled courses into seven-figure ventures, such as James Wedmore (Business By Design), Kayse Morris (The CEO Teacher), Denise Duffield Thomas (Money Bootcamp) and Tracy Harris (Mums With Hustle). You'll learn how to:

• turn your passion and expertise into profit
• discover what you know and what you can teach
• develop your ideas into informative course material
• build your digital learning website
• market & launch your new course to a receptive audience ·grow and scale your course through automation

Filled with tools, case studies and valuable advice, Million Dollar Micro Business is a must read for all would-be entrepreneurs with unique skills or expertise just waiting to be shared with the world. Success is literally at your fingertips.

About the author 
Tina Tower is an award-winning serial entrepreneur who has founded, grown, and sold several businesses and franchises. Tina has helped hundreds of people package their expertise into an online course and launch it to the world. Through her program, Her Empire Builder, she is on a mission to help 100 women build a $1 million a year business by 2025.

Million Dollar Micro Business
Tina Tower
ISBN: : 9780730392071
RRP: $ 29.95

Interview with Tina Tower

Question: What originally inspired the idea of Million Dollar Micro Business?

Tina Tower: I wanted to write Million Dollar Micro Business because first of all I love books, and I wanted to be able to contribute to the world by providing something that gave massive value to people that was accessible to absolutely everyone. So, Million Dollar Micro Business came about as a guide book to be able to show people how to package their expertise into an online course.

Question: Why did you write Million Dollar Micro Business?

Tina Tower: I wanted to have a book that was practical, that people were able to pick up and implement immediately to get tangible results. Million Dollar Micro Business is a combination of inspiration and practical advice that can actually get you the results that you're looking for.

Question: What's the main message you hope readers take from Million Dollar Micro Business?

Tina Tower: First of all, I really want people to know that a different life is possible for them. I was one of those people that saw people working less and making more money, and after running a traditional business for so many years I wasn't sure whether that was possible. What I hope to show readers from Million Dollar Micro Business is that you can take all of the unique experience that you have and package it into an online course that can help others. It can be a win-win scenario so that it's great for you from a financial point of view and from an impact point of view, and also for the people you serve because you're shortcutting their success.

Question: Can you share some tips with us featured in the book?

Tina Tower: Of course! The book is a super practical guide so it covers everything from defining your idea for your online course to how to record it, how to market it, how to get it out there in the world, and how to get over the fear of stepping into your light and owning your own expertise and thought leadership.

Question: What research did you do, prior to writing Million Dollar Micro Business?

Tina Tower: I've been in business for the last 17 years so really that has all been training for what I do now. Three years ago, I entered the wonderful world of online courses and fell head over heels in love with how leveraged and scalable it is. A lot of what is in Million Dollar Micro Business is from my own experience of packaging the expertise that I've built through so many years in business and also drawing on the success stories of those entrepreneurs that I have interviewed to contribute to Million Dollar Micro Business who have also built seven figure a year online businesses.

Question: What advice do you have for aspiring writers or artists?

Tina Tower: The hardest part is actually getting it done. We all have ideas, everyone who's walking around this planet has ideas but what sets people apart is the people that actually implement those ideas. My advice will be if you've got a dream and that dream is in your heart and in your mind, you owe it to it to actually give it the light of day, go forth and have a go.

Question: What or who inspired your love of reading/writing?

Tina Tower: I have loved books for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager, I would find it incredible that I could spend $20 and have access to some of the greatest minds in the world, and all of their thoughts and ideas. I have built my business to where it is now because of so much learning that I have gained from reading and I really wanted to contribute to that with my own book with the expertise that I have gained. Plus - I do love to write! I loved English in high school, I am a primary teacher by trade and I think that all comes across in Million Dollar Micro Business.

Question: What's next, for you?

Tina Tower: World domination! My goal is to help 100 women create businesses that produce a million dollars a year in revenue because I know that wealthy women change the world. I want to encourage as many women as possible to take their unique and brilliant expertise, package it into online courses and shortcut success for other people. In return, they're getting that success as well, so it's a complete trickle effect that goes throughout the universe.

Interview by Gwen van Montfort


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