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Milk. Made.

Milk. Made. -Nick Haddow is such an enthusiastic trailblazer in the world of Australian cheese, always striving to know more, to push the boundaries to produce truly individual and authentic cheeses from his Bruny Island idyll.' - Maggie Beer

At a time when real cheese everywhere is under pressure from industrialised agriculture, Nick Haddow presents the information you need to make wise choices about the cheese you buy and eat. On a mission to close the gap between farm and cheese, Milk.Made. takes readers on a journey that celebrates the centuries old traditions of cheesemaking and considers how they are being applied today in new and different ways.

Accompanied by photographer Alan Benson, Nick visits internationally renowned cheesemakers in Australia, France, the UK, Switzerland, and the US interviewing some of the most inspiring cheese connoisseur's from around the world. From the Le Sapalet Dairy in the picturesque Switzerland to American cheese authority Peter Dixon, of Parish House Creamery in Vermont; and cheddar specialists Westcombe Dairy in England, to the maturation cellars at Fort Des Rousse on the French/Swiss border. Milk.Made. takes readers behind the scenes sharing the history, and busting the myths.

As a successful cheesemaker himself, Nick also shares his knowledge of making, serving and storing cheese at home, as well as more than 70 recipes that celebrate it in its myriad glorious forms. Whether it be a winning saag paneer, the definitive margherita, or the perfect fondue, there is a dish here for every type of cheese lover.

With its elegant design and stunning photography Milk. Made. gives readers all the information they need to make good choices about the cheese they buy, and having bought it, how to store it, serve it and cook with it.

If cheese is your thing, Milk. Made. Is for you.

Nick Haddow is the founder of Bruny Island Cheese. Since opening in 2003, he has quickly earned a reputationfor excellence - as well as for a long time being the only legally recognised producer of raw milk cheese in Australia.

Nick has appears regularly on SBS series Gourmet Farmer with Matthew Evans and Ross O'Meara. The trio have written two books: The Gourmet Farmer Deli Book, and Gourmet Farmer Goes Fishing.

Milk. Made.
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