Midnight Pool Party Collide

Midnight Pool Party Collide

Midnight Pool Party Collide

Sydney dance duo Midnight Pool Party release another infectious track this week called -Collide', giving us another peek into their upcoming debut -Dalliance EP', and once again show off their ornate knack for crafting addictive and sensual dance music.

'Collide' was the final piece in completing the overall sound of our first EP. It's an incredibly emotionally charged track that builds up to a massive dance party by the end. Lyrically it's a bitter sweet song about letting someone go, but knowing you met them for a reason."
- Midnight Pool Party

The track unfolds at a steady pace, before reaching its climactic end that is full of bouncy, staccato synths and lush vocals. Taking cues from the lyrics and title, Midnight Pool Party craft a drifting, cosmic soundscape with synths filling out the low, mid and high ranges, then paired with a classic dance beat, giving the track grit and an ear-worm melody.

The result is a textured, atmospheric dance number that can have you bouncing off the walls in a club or cuddling up to your loved one in the bedroom.

Stream: https://soundcloud.com/midnightpoolparty/collide

-Collide' is available now from iTunes & Spotify, just ahead of the forthcoming debut -Dalliance EP' in March.


Co-production by Luke Million
Mastering by Jack Prest
Photography by Henrique Fanti