Messages From Spirit

Messages From Spirit

Messages From Spirit

In life, there are amazing psychic moments. But what do they mean? What do they tell us about our everyday life and the worlds that lie beyond it?

Meet Brendan whose grandfather reached out to save him from beyond the grave. Learn more about deja-vu and out-of-body experiences, and how listening to your intuition can be a lifesaver.

Find out what can happen when sacred objects are abused. Read about exit points from this life, and how many of us are given the opportunity to move on at different stages. Discover how life contracts work. Learn about karma, and how important it is to clean up the energies of the past.

In Messages From Spirit Georgina Walker takes us further into the spirit world. She shares real life stories with us and helps us understand our own unique experiences.

Georgina Walker is the Celebrity Psychic to the stars. Having inherited her talent from her mother and grandmother, she has a life time's experience which she has used to help everyone from pop stars to film stars, sultans to kings. Georgina continues to share her wisdom through her regular TV and radio work. Now, she shares her own experiences and those of the people she has helped along the way with you in this, her third book.

Georgina Walker is the celebrity psychic whose infectious laugh and larger-than-life charm have captured the world. Everyone from pop stars and film stars to sultans and kings, have sought her advice. She has appeared in numerous national and local television programs, as well as on radio and in the print media. She inherited her gift from her mother and grandmother, both of whom are clairvoyant. Known in Asia as "the direct Australian" she is not backward in coming forward!

Messages From Spirit
Allen and Unwin
Author: Georgina Walker
ISBN: 9781742370163
RRP: $24.99

Interview with Georgina Walker

Question: Why did you decide to write Messages From Spirit?

Georgina Walker: It has been my soul's calling since a child. Early days seeing, feeling and experiencing the sixth sense. Nature played a huge part in the development of my gift as I held rocks, played in the bush, I could feel the energies of the land. As I grew the gift also developed. My clients, colleagues loved hearing the stories of my childhood and when I became a psychic traveller the experiences on these field trips showed and taught me much about energies, history and lessons for myself and manking of the past and for the future. In turn these experiences/stories became radio and dinner conversations!

Whilst having coffee with my publisher Maggie Hamilton after my trip to Zimbadwe, she started to cry when she heard the story I recounted of the elephants been relocated (Daring to do the Impossible in Messages from Spirit) due to the imminent threat of mass slaughter - she encouraged me put this and many of the others stories I had shared with her into a new book - hence Messages from Spirit was birth over a cup of coffee!

Question: Why is important that we listen to our intuition?

Georgina Walker: We were born with this gift - it is our survival sense - a full term new born baby (although don't try this) if held under the arms, can move its legs and walk, hold onto a rope, like a monkey yet within 48 hours this reflex is lost. It is well documented that the animal kingdom relies heavily on the ability for many of their young at birth to be able to walk then run as soon as possible from birth due to the threat on their lives. So too our intuition is built in as part of our DNA as a form of survival mode. The ancients would rely on this to sense danger with invaders, wild animals, tap into small changes in weather, nature. This survival gift is still very much used in tribal societies in the world where this skill enhances their chances of survival/life. However our western societies is gearing more and more to left brain technology. I see this as a backward step as we are not stimulating and using our right brain technology as we were born to do. I am seeing a decline in front right brain technology- where our intuition is birthed, developed. Technology is now replacing this gift and already there is a rapid decline in our artistic, creative, musical, intuitive right brains at a dear price. We are learning not to activate our intuition radar in fact we are switching off our inner beacon, our warning light that 'something is not right', 'something doesn't sit right', "everything says', 'can't put my finger on it, but I don't trust that person'. All sayings we have said at one time, which are our gut, feelings, our intuition has been prompting us from within. Society is leaning more on activation of a button to find answers to our questions rather than within themselves.

We will eventually if not careful, like the new born baby, loose our natural born survival mode. We will be controlled by others who have the control technology rather than pulling on our own answers from within. We lose our right to individuality.

Question: How does the book teach us to do this?

Georgina Walker: Through real life stories Messages from Spirit will join the dots, answer the questions that many are too fearful to ask or have pondered and never received the answers.

We are so closely linked to the vibration of the land, it holds many memories, secrets and energy vortexes that if we allow ourselves to stand still in the busy-ness of life, we may, just may feel the essence, the vibration or energy that the universe is pulsating. Love never dies; love is eternal both for the human and animal kingdom.

All living things have feelings, we experience, joy, happiness, grief and anger - no one is immune to such emotions. However if we open our hearts, our minds these to the messages spirit imparts through the stories one can receive great comfort and healing that there is more to life than we could ever imagine. The truth is out there - sometimes a sign is needed to unlock what is before one's eyes. These stories contain in Messages from Spirit readers will be encouraged to explore more of nature, friends, family and gain a fresher approach to life's mysteries.

Question: Can you provide simple tips for us to clear old energies?

Georgina Walker: There are many detailed examples given in my book Messages from Spirit on how to clear stale/old energies - some of my favourite would be using smoke from a sage/smude stick - the Native American Indians introduced us to this wonderful aspect of clearing energies as the smoke from the sage stick is waved through the air the negative energies are drawn to the smoke. Good idea to have a window open - so the smoke leaves the room as a way to escape. I love using rock salt - a cup of this in a bucket of water and soaking ones feet for 40 minutes can allow energies affixed to the body to literally dissolved into the water.

Burning wonderful essential oils, lavender, sage, sandalwood and frankincense all hold beautiful properties of dispelling negativity - not all together, individually in an oil burner gives a pleasurable ambience to the room and also aids to clearing unwanted energies. A very simple way is clapping hands, quite loud around an individual or around the periphery of a room. I mention some of these in the story of Clearing Unwanted Energy when Dina had a spirit woman in her room.

Question: Who did you write this book for?

Georgina Walker: The book has been written that all ages will find something sacred, something mystical, something that will tug at your hearts, no matter your age.

My own grandchildren love the stories of the elephants. Parents who have lost a child have found great comfort in being reassured that their child still is very much involved in their lives. People who have a passion for travel will now view the lands they walk on I would hope with a different reverence to the places a and lands they visit. I wished to highlight also the aspect of negative energy, that it can be transferred and that it can provoke changes in our living circumstances/So Messages from Spirit was also written as a learning tool for the general population.

Question: What celebrities have you work with?

Georgina Walker: Oh the list is so long from A list celebrities to a ruling King and Queen, Sultan and consorts, heads of governments. Some as you can appreciate I can't name due to confidentiality. Some have given me permission or they were readings given in the public domain of radio. My favourite has been John Travolta where I accurately predicted the illness of his son, which at the time was not general knowledge. Gave an accurate prediction for our PM Julie Gillard on radio that I saw her wearing something her partner had given her as a gift - she openly declared that Tim had indeed given her a ring which she wears - this prediction made it in all forms of media from print to airwaves - it was a media first on the PM. For the last 13 years I have worked with Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O in their radio programs as their resident psychic which has opened many doors to meeting and working with actors and recording artists. Which has seen me invited internationally to holiday in some pretty exotic countries and locations with them. One location we had four bodyguards with us all the time, guns andall. My highlight would be living in five palaces with a Sultan and consort and been taken for a holiday with a Ruling King and Queen.

Question: When did you first discover you had psychic abilities?

Georgina Walker: My grandmother and mother were clairvoyant so I was raised in a family that this gift was perceived as natural. Just as we have a voice, we talk, we sing, so too the gift of the six senses was seen as a natural everyday occurrence. From the age of seven I started seeing spirit and hearing their voices and my parents realised I was a natural medium. But I was treated not special, I had to go to Sunday School, experience my childhood as a normal child as they knew I would need a solid foundation of balance and realistic expectation of what life has to offer if my gift was to develop as a form of service to mankind in my adult life.

Interview by Brooke Hunter