Mending Lucille

Mending Lucille

Mending Lucille is a precious and insightful picture book about one girl's loss of her mother.

It charts the process of grief and healing through the young girl's attachment to a broken doll, Lucille. One day, she and her father meet Chirssie, a kind waitress who mends the doll. But will she also be able to help them overcome their grief?

A picture book with stunning and evocative illustrations, which deals with the theme of grief and loss in a very sensitive way.

Jennifer Poulter: is the author of several books, a book/film reviewer and poet. A reference librarian and personal assistant in the School of Journalism at the University of Queensland, Jennifer has also worked as a full time book reviewer for the Queensland Education Department.

Sarah Davis: taught English, Art and Art History in secondary schools for several years before beginning freelancing illustrating in 2005. Mending Lucille is her first picture book.

Mending Lucille
Hachette Children's Books
Author: Jennifer Poulter
Illustrated: Sarah Davis
ISBN: 9780734410337
Price: $28.99