Martini®, the world's most beautiful drink, is a global icon synonymous with glamour, style and sophistication that is celebrated the world over. This autumn, Martini® will be extending its signature range, adding three new sparkling wine variants and an exciting new vermouth to whet the aperitif appetite. The overall range will also be modernised in new striking, yet classic packaging, making Martini® the must have accessory for any style conscious consumer.

Founded in 1863 in Pessione, Italy, the Italian style, rich family heritage and award winning taste of Martini® has brought many admirers through the years, being enjoyed by personalities and celebrities in the world's finest bars from Milan to New York. Today, with 66 people around the world enjoying a Martini® every second it is no surprise it is one of the world's leading drinks brands.

Adding a slice of 'Gioia di Vivere' to any celebration is now easier than ever with the Martini® sparkling wine range of new Martini® Prosecco, Martini®Rosé and Martini® Brut alongside the classic Martini® Asti, still made to a recipe relatively unchanged since its creation in the 19th Century.

Softly sparkling, dry and aromatic, Martini® Prosecco is the perfect beginning to an evening with friends. In the mouth the prosecco is dry but fruity with white fruits and mandarin with a fresh, citrus acidity to perfectly balance the finish. Instantly enjoyable and easy-going, Martini® Prosecco is the perfect ingredient for a classic Bellini.

Martini® Rosé is the ideal drink for an 'al fresco' lunch or summer picnic. Well matched to seafood, and salmon pink in colour, Martini® Rosé displays a bouquet of good intensity and elegance that holds scents of flowers and fruits. In the mouth the Rosé is soft and semi-sweet with fresh strawberry, orange zest and a well-balanced structure thanks to the fresh acidity in the finish.

Martini® Brut is a delicate assembly of the best sparkling wine grapes of Northern Italy and brings to the palate a nice vibrant character that is dry with good acidity. It boasts intense fragrances of pear, apple and yeast and is the perfect accompaniment to any celebration.

Alongside the resurgence of the Italian tradition of 'aperitivo' comes an exciting new vermouth, Martini® Rosato, adding to the existing Martini® range of Bianco and Rosso vermouths. Martini® Rosato is inspired by the popularity of Rosé wine and blends deep notes of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg with the lighter aromatics of raspberry and lemon. Bright pink with an intense perfume it is supremely well balanced with a characteristic bitter, spicy flavour. Best served ice cold the Martini® Rosato is equally at home in a tall glass blended over ice with simple mixers such as cranberry juice or pomegranate - known today as the Martini® Melograno.

Visiting Australia for the launch of these future icons, Martini® Global Brand Ambassador, Giuseppe Gallo, comments: "Our long tradition of excellence coupled with a brand positioning that seeps style, makes Martini® one of the world's truly iconic brands. We're delighted to build on this and increase the relevance of the brand with the launch of these fantastic new products in addition to updating the look of the existing classic vermouths and Asti sparkling wine."

Enjoy Martini® responsibly.

Martini® The Drinks
Prepared by Giuseppe Gallo Martini® Global Brand Ambassador.
There are many different ways to enjoy a Martini®. As an aperitif over ice, in a classic cocktail or a refreshing long drink. One of Giuseppe Gallo's favourites is the Martini® Melograno - the perfect refreshing drink.

Inspired by the Fontana del Melograno in Turin - a fountain of youth. 60ml of Martini® Rosato poured over cubed ice with a squeeze of fresh lime and topped with either fresh Pomegranate or Cranberry juice.

60ml of Martini® Bianco poured over cubed ice and filled with fresh Apple juice with a slice of apple for garnish.

60ml of Martini® Rosso poured over cubed ice and filled with fresh orange juice with a slice of orange for garnish.

Other ways to enjoy Martini®:
Martini® Royal:
A Martini®twist on the French classic, 'Kir Royal'. 40ml of Martini® Prosecco served with 40ml of Martini® Rosato in a wine glass with a single raspberry.

Espresso Martini® :
60ml of Martini®Rosso, 30ml of Grey Goose Vodka, 30ml of espresso coffee and a dash of cinnamon syrup. Shaken with cubed ice then strained into a chilled Martini® cocktail glass with three coffee beans for decoration.Martini® - The World's Most Beautiful Drinks
Martini® Rosato
The Martini® quest to explore styles of aperitif has continued throughout its history. Ever watchful of the latest drinking trends, it wasn't long before the popularity of rosé wines grabbed their imagination. It was a complicated task to create a new Martini®in the modern era, but their understanding had increased through many years of work. Rosato blends deep notes of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg with the lighter aromatics of raspberry and lemon. A particularly delicate infusion process is used to create a soft-toned, perfumed and lightly spiced style. Bright pink with an intense perfume it is supremely well balanced with a characteristic bitter spicy flavour. It is best served ice cold.

Martini® Rosso
This is Luigi Rossi's original recipe developed in the 1860s that became one of the most celebrated and decorated of Piedmont's aromatic wines. It is the drink that lies at the heart of the 'aperitivo' hour and the stylish Italian café culture. The highly perfumed bittersweet edge andherbaceous character make it a naturally refreshing and truly stimulating experience. The recipe has been passed down through each of our individual Master Blenders. The botanicals are powerful in character, rich and complex. At its core are a large proportion of Italian herbs:artemesia, summer savory and dittany; as well as exotic bittersweet woods. Rosso has a complex perfume and a perfectly balanced bittersweet taste.

Martini® Bianco
The Rossi brothers continued to explore blends of aromatic herbs and spices, and sought to create another white blend with a smoother, sweeter style. At its heart would be white wine infused with a delicate combination of herbs and natural vanilla, producing a softer, lighter andmore delicate style. Launched in 1910, Martini Bianco earned the name 'Bianchissimo' or 'the whitest', inspired by the white flowers of the vanilla plant. Bianco's pale golden yellow colour comes only from the botanicals. Strongly perfumed, it is intense, sweet, gentle, and soft with a touch of vanilla. The botanicals give a slight bitterness, which is harmonious and easy to approach. The blend is a well-balanced mixture between vanilla and aromatic herbs, containing both sweet and bitter notes.

Vineyard Area: Legally protected D.O.C. vineyard area of Prosecco (Veneto).
Grape Variety: 100% Glera (the historical name of the Prosecco grape).
Style: Dry/Frizzante (lightly sparkling).
Sommelier notes: A fresh aroma of flowers and fruit with apple, pear, banana and thyme notes. In the mouth, dry but fruity with white fruits and mandarin, well-balanced fresh, citrus acidity and perfectly balanced in the finish. Instantly enjoyable and easy-going.
Serving: Anytime - perfect with antipasto, good company and friends.
Cocktail: Lightly sparkling it is perfect for a Bellini with peach or a Rossini with strawberry purée.

Vineyard Area: Predominantly from the Veneto area.
Grape Variety: Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Prosecco and Italian Riesling.
Style: Dry (Brut)
Sommelier notes: The bouquet is intense with fragrances of pear, apple and yeast. In the mouth dry, with good acidity, and a nice vibrant character. Fresh green apple in the finish.
Serving: An aperitif-style wine to celebrate with.
Cocktail: Spumante Cocktail: Place two drops of Angostura Bitters onto a sugar cube, add a dash of Amaretto and top with Martini® Brut.

Vineyard Area: Mainly from the Piedmont and Veneto areas.
Grape Variety: Moscato, Brachetto and Malvasia.
Style: Medium-Dry.
Sommelier notes: Salmon pink with a bouquet of good intensity and elegance that holds scents of flowers and fruits, like rose, wild strawberry and raspberry with a touch of black pepper. In the mouth, soft and semi-sweet with fresh strawberry, orange zest withwell-balanced structure thanks to the fresh acidity in the finish.
Serving: 'Al Fresco' Lunch, summer picnics. With seafood (prawns, lobster).
Cocktail: Add some fresh raspberry purée and a mint leaf.

Vineyard Area: Legally protected D.O.C.G. vineyard area of Asti Spumante (Piedmont).
Grape Variety: 100% Moscato or white muscat.
Style: Medium-sweet.
Sommelier notes: Intense, lightly aromatized with scents of fresh grape, melon and peach andbrioche. In the mouth: Sweet, smooth, intense and elegant. Lovely, with good aromas of fresh fruit, like pears and pineapple, it has a harmonious finish.
Serving: Perfect with a cream dessert (Panna Cotta), cake (Panettone) or fruit salad. A traditional way to end a meal in Italy.
Cocktail: Add two cubes of ice and a slice of lemon.