Mandarin Daiquiri

Mandarin Daiquiri

Mandarin Daiquiri


50mL White rum
10mL Cherry liqueur
40mL Freshly squeezed Australian mandarin juice
20mL Fresh lime juice
10mL Sugar syrup*

Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker add plenty of ice and shake.

Serving suggestions: Strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.

*To make sugar syrup mix 2 parts white sugar to 1 part hot water and stir until dissolved.
Did You Know?
Mandarins provide 190% of an adult's recommended daily vitamin C intake and 240% of a child's intake
Mandarins originated from southern China and were named after the Chinese officials of the Imperial court the 'Mandarins" who used the fruit for various medicinal purposes
Australian mandarins are available from April-October
The heavier a mandarin is, the more juice it contains

Buying and storage tips
Choose mandarins that have a fragrant aroma and are slightly firm to touch
Citrus fruits are more sensitive to the cold than other fruit varieties, so it's best to store them in a cool dry place with plenty of ventilation
Keeping mandarins out of the fridge also exposes them to a higher level of carbon dioxide which promotes ripening
If storing in the fridge, be sure to keep them away from meat, butter, eggs and cheese as these foods are particularly prone to absorbing citrus odour

Australian mandarin varieties include:
Imperial: Imperials are the most popular mandarin variety because they are the first to be harvested each season. This yellow-orange mandarin is available through autumn and winter and is easier to peel and contain less seeds than most varieties. Imperials are one of a handful of popular citrus varieties that originated in Australia, being first recognised in Sydney in 1890.
Murcott: Murcotts are available throughout winter and spring and are often referred to as -Honey Murcotts' because of their intense sweet flavour.
Hickson: Hicksons originated in Queensland in 1941 and are the most common mid-season variety, known best for their brilliant bright orange skin. Hicksons are available throughout winter and become easier to peel later in their season when their skins become slightly puffy.
Afourer: Afourers are a deep orange-red variety that are available throughout winter and spring and are often known to be seedless, depending on growing conditions.
Daisy: Daisies are a popular variety due to their large size and bold, aromatic flavor. Daisies are available throughout autumn and winter and keep better than any other variety.
Taylor Lee: The Taylor Lee variety is another Australian bred, winter variety which is larger in size and contains less seeds, making it ideal for juicing and cooking.
Fremont: Fermonts are a smaller, slightly darker mandarin variety that is available throughout autumn and winter. Fermonts have a rich flavor making them a perfect addition to baking recipes and toppings for desserts.
Sunburst: Sunbursts are a deep red-orange variety that is available throughout autumn and winter. Sunbursts are a heavier variety with a high juice content which makes them ideal for fruit juicing.
Minneola: Mineolas are cross between a grapefruit and a mandarin, maintaining the larger size of a grapefruit with the remarkable sweetness of a mandarin. This slightly pear shaped mandarin is available throughout winter and spring.