Magic Magic DVD

Magic Magic DVD

Magic Magic DVD

Cast: Juno Temple, Emily Browning, Michael Cera
Director: Sebastian Silva
Genre: Thriller
Rated: MA+
Running Time: 94 minutes

Based on an urban myth about a travelling woman who vacations in Brazil, comes the stomach churning psychological horror, Magic Magic.

Suffering from severe insomnia, Alicia (Juno Temple) begins to lose sight of reality when travelling through the south of Chile with her cousin Sarah (Emily Browning), her friend Brink (Michael Cera) and her boyfriend Augustine. A victim of cultureshock, Alicia finds herself sharing a cottage on a remote island with a small group of strangers, whom she is unable to trust.

When Alicia starts experiencing panic attacks and delusions, her feelings of victimhood are not wholly misplaced.

Blu-ray™ Special Features:
Making Magic Magic

Magic Magic
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