Lychee Orange Blush

Lychee Orange Blush

Serves: 1
Prep: 8 mins
Cook Time: 0 mins

15ml lychee liqueur
30ml gin
15ml lemon
30ml orange
3 shakes of bitters
2 fresh lychees (peeled, halved & seeded)
1 egg white

Place all the ingredients except the ice into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for about 90 seconds. Fill the shaker with ice and shake vigorously for another 90 seconds. Strain the cocktail into a coupe cocktail glass, shaking out the last bit of foam, and garnish with a fresh lychee. Serve immediately.

Kitchen Notes
When shaking with egg white, the more you shake, the more of a creamy foam you will create. Shaking creates air within the proteins, giving it a smooth, professional finish.
VEGAN/EGG ALLERGY VERSION – use approx. 35ml of chickpea juice instead of the egg white to create an equally foamy vegan version! (*Quantity for one drink)

Australian Lychees: In Season Now

Fresh Australian lychees have hit supermarket shelves just in time for summer. There will be an abundant supply of great quality lychees in stores in the coming weeks, despite our Aussie growers facing extreme weather challenges including bushfires and drought.

Lychee grower Jill Houser says, "Australia is lucky enough to have the longest lychee season in the world, so lychee lovers can expect to see the fruit from now until mid-March.

"They not only taste great but are good for you too. They are rich in vitamin C, have high levels of antioxidants and a high-water content, making them a hydrating and refreshing snack that's perfect for summer," said Houser.

Recipe developer and stylist Megann Evans, says tropical lychees can turn simple dishes into something impressive, making them an entertainer's best friend.

"Fresh Aussie lychees are juicy, have a distinctly sweet flavour and a floral aroma unlike any other fruit."

"They are versatile, working well in both sweet and savoury dishes, ideal for cocktails and are the perfect ingredient to spice up festive season leftovers, such as a turkey salad," says Evans.

Australian Lychees' Top Tips

How to choose: Lychees don't continue to ripen once picked so choose fruit that is firm and springy to touch, with a red or pink skin.

How to store: Keep your lychees in a container in the fridge. They can discolour when left unrefrigerated, but don't be fooled, they will still be sweet and juicy on the inside. If you have more lychees than you can enjoy, freeze them for up to six months.

How to eat: To peel a lychee, dig your fingernail into the skin to break the outer shell, then peel the skin away – similar to peeling the shell of a hard-boiled egg.

Enjoy with: mint, ginger, lime, chilli, coconut, mango, kiwi, citrus, chocolate, vanilla, sake, tequila and vodka.

For more information about Australian lychees visit: