Lotto State of Dreams what would you do with a million dollars

Todays economy affects our dreams as well as our pockets

Financial security is the biggest concern for men and women in New South Wales, taking priority over settling down to have children or building a long and happy relationship, the Lotto State of Dreams report has found.

In a bid to provide insight into the hopes and dreams of the state, the new report asked residents about their personal, career and global aspirations and revealed Generation X (people aged between 30-44 years) crave money more than anyone else.

The dream of never having to worry about the finances was a regular occurrence for more than 33 percent of people across the state, whilst only 17 percent wished for a long and happy relationship and only five percent wanted children.

However, being financially sound seems to be even more important for the Gen X population, perhaps because they feel the pinch of todays economy the most. This group is much more likely to dream of not having to worry about money, than their younger Gen Y counterparts (18-29 years old).

Even when it comes to dreaming about the $1m jackpot, Gen X would rather spend most of their winnings paying off debts and a mortgage whilst their younger counterparts; Gen Y would splash out on a lavish new home or travel the world. Baby Boomers (people aged 45+ years) would firmly spend their winnings on friends and family.

Inspirational life coach and author of Your Best Life, Domonique Bertolucci, said the research was indicative of how households are feeling around the country. "The recent downturn in the economy is affecting Australian's lifestyles - not just their wallets but their dreams and aspirations", she said.

"Generation X in particular is suffering the most as they have to work full time and care for a family. Theyre striving to live and provide the best for their offspring".

John Vineburg of NSW Lotteries Corporation comments; "People in NSW today, particularly those with young families and full time jobs are dreaming of making money work harder for them. It seems a Lotto win would allow them to meet these dreams and offer that little bit extra; perhaps a holiday, new car or to help out friends and family - the things we really love in life".

Domoniques top tips for keeping your dreams and aspirations alive include:
Always keep the faith that good fortune is around the corner (because it usually is) Stay positive about your life - a great attitude will attract goodwill and prosperity Always stay true to yourself

Heres the low-down on how people of NSW said they would spend a $1m Lotto win:
28% would pay off debts or a mortgage
16% would build their dream home
19% would help out friends and family
12% would travel the world
4% would give up work

The Lotto State of Dreams research was compiled in August 2008
The Lotto State of Dreams research provides comparisons between regions in NSW, age, marital status and sex