Design EX furniture

Design EX furniture

The Yanagi Butterfly Stool by Youshiki

The ancient Greeks symbolised the human soul or psyche with a butterfly something that lies dormant then explodes back to life.
Gold medal winner at the Milan Triennial in 1957, the Yanagi Butterfly Stool has followed a similar lifecycle. Thanks to Australasian art group Youshiki, the stool is once again making its way into the home and to the forefront of design. Designed by the famed Japanese artist Sori Yanagi, the Yanagi Butterfly Stool is made from two identical lacquered molded plywood forms (symbolizing butterfly wings) and held together with a brass stretcher. Its simplistic oriental design is as elegant today as it was more than 50 years ago.

Launched exclusively at designEX, the Yanagi Butterfly Stool remake (width 420cm X height 387cm X depth 310cm) is available in rose wood and maple and is made from sustainable harvested materials (RRP $450). Matching coloured cushions made from Hallandale fabrics are available in red and green, priced at $75 each. Undoubtedly, Yanagi himself would be proud to know that his butterfly-like creation has withstood the lifespan of the insect it was first named after.
Yanagi Butterfly Stool was unveiled at the Youshiki stand at designEX 2008 Australia's premier design forum in April.

Mushroom Lamp by Simon Duff

Nature or nurture - a fundamental question when looking at how humans have evolved. Many conclude both go hand in hand; and it seems the same is true of modern design.

The link is made clear with designer Simon Duff's exclusive Mushroom Lamp, was launched at Sydney's designEX as part of the Latitude feature. Inspired by the merging of nature and technology, the organic, curved exterior resembling a mushroom is complemented by turbine like gills on the underside.
Furthermore, this lamp has truly evolved. Thanks to the latest in ultra high output, low wattage LED technology, it uses minimal energy when it's turned on and off. Many consumers remain unaware that some electrical goods continue to draw a certain amount of power when switched off. Young designer, Simon Duff, who graduated in Industrial Design from UTS and has since been running his own product design consultancy, Fusedesign, is dedicated to developing sustainable furniture. The result: He's incorporated a unique switch to prevent unnecessary static energy wastage.

A perfect floor or table light to create an ambient setting, the Mushroom Lamp is available in black, white and rust in various sizes (standard: 40cm height x 40cm diameter). Limited numbers are available at an RRP of $1,950, with each design numbered and signed exclusively by the designer as proof of authenticity.

So, whether enjoying this piece as a natural addition to the home d├ęcor, or nurturing a personal love of art, there is no debate that this design is sure to set a milestone in the future of furniture design.

Roxy Chair by Sentosa Design

You can take the girl out of Bali Amanda Cameron, a Sydney-sider responsible for establishing the popular Sentosa resort in Seminyak, has turned her flair from hotel management to furniture design with her island days playing a part in her designs. A highlight of Cameron's new 'Sentosa Design' collection launched at designEX is the Roxy Chair; its sleek, low-slung design perfect for commercial spaces (hotels perhaps?) and residences alike.
The wood for the Roxy Chair (and much of the Sentosa collection) is sourced from Java. The wood's rich grain is a result of the oil soaked up from the region's rich soil - it's the stuff only a local would know. The intercrossing straps are made from cow-hide.

The Roxy Chair is also an entry into designEX's New Products Awards, where some 80 other products across various categories will compete for accolades. The handmade Roxy Chair measures 64cm (width) x 77cm (depth) x 68cm (height) and at an RRP of $1800 is an absolute steal very much like a value-for-money holiday to Bali.

The Roxy Chair was unveiled at designEX 2008, Australasia's premier design forum in Sydney.