Lost Worlds What You Say

Lost Worlds What You Say

For Fans Of: Box Car Racer | The Vines | Gorillaz

Lost Worlds are an Australian Rock and Roll band from Queensland, formed in 2016. Their sound is a musical hybrid of early 2000s Garage Rock and Video Game Electronica. What You Say is the first single of their debut album Fire Fire.

What You Say sounds like Garage Rock with punk energy that got thrown into a video game. Driven by dynamic synthesisers and guitar effects. It's about the overload of information, the propaganda, the media, pc culture, everything. Trying to find yourself and what you believe when so much is pressured on you.

"Making Fire Fire was like throwing it all on black. The gamble that doesn't make sense at all. I wouldn't feel right if we didn't do it and I'd always regret it. This could be the only album that we get to make, so we didn't hold anything back." - Lee McRae

Formed in 2016 Lost Worlds consists of frontman Lee McRae (lead vocals, guitar) bass guitarist Baby Blue, and current session drummer Kyle Shipton. Fire Fire was recorded, produced and mixed in lead singer and guitarist, Lee's bedroom. Drums were recorded at Heliport Studios. It combines elements of early 2000s Garage Rock and Video Game Electronica, incorporating fast paced loud drums and sci-fi synths, with a prevalent fuzz guitar effect throughout. The mood of the album is shaped by a non conformist energy, a childlike enthusiasm and a dissatisfaction with the way the world is.

The bands performance is generated from a raw and unrestricted Rock & Roll energy, taking influence from The Beatles and Smashing Pumpkins. Lee is the group's primary songwriter"his childlike enthusiasm has allowed him to take chances that have set them apart from other Garage Rock bands. Lee's unconventional writing style occasionally features an impromptu rant, functioning as the parallel expression of his spur of the moment guitar solos. Lost Worlds aren't swayed by seasonal sound trends, their songs are real and relatable to the every day delinquent.