Locako Keto Vitamins

Locako Keto Vitamins



Australia's pioneering keto collagen company Locako has developed the first TGA-approved keto vitamins aimed at supporting the growing number of Australians on a ketogenic or low-carb diet. 


Locako's keto vitamins are set to roll out in Woolworths stores from late March and include:


  • Keto Support – this TGA-approved vitamin has been designed to support the body's transition away from sugar to reach a state of ketosis. Made with a formula scientifically created with the highest quality ingredients including magnesium, MCT oil, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, 'sugar destroyer' Gymnema, keto inducing Garcinia, and chromium, these vitamins may help reduce sugar cravings as well as aid in the metabolism of carbohydrates, sugar and glucose to support healthy blood sugar levels.


  • Keto Essential – this TGA-approved vitamin has been designed to assist gut health when reducing carbohydrates and transitioning into ketosis. A combination of magnesium, probiotics, turmeric, licorice root, pomegranate fruit peel, black pepper and digestive enzymes may support healthy digestive system function, help restore beneficial gut flora and assist the natural detoxification processes of the gut.


Locako Founder Ally Mellor, a Sydney mum-of-two who has been on a keto diet for over a decade for health reasons, said vitamins supporting ketosis were a natural progression for the Australian business, which was the first to bring collagen snack bars and collagen coffee creamers down under when the keto craze first took hold in Australia in 2017.


"Sticking to a ketogenic diet isn't easy but the health benefits are well worth the effort. With these keto vitamins, we're hoping to make it easier for Australians to embrace a keto or low-carb life and reap the amazing benefits, which can include sustainable weight loss, more energy, a reduction in visceral fat and harmful triglycerides, lower blood pressure, increased good cholesterol and reduced bad cholesterol," Ms Mellor said.


"Going keto is a big change that requires a lot of support and our TGA-approved keto vitamins are designed to assist with some of the bigger transitions from easing sugar cravings to maintaining good digestion and gut health, and improving metabolism to burn fat more easily."


As Australia's pioneering low-carb and keto brand, Locako was the first in Australia to launch collagen snack bars and coffee creamers with MCT oil and pasture-raised collagen. Locako now offers more than 30 clean, healthy and nutritious products including collagen mousse, monk fruit sweetener, a keto cookie and Australia's first TGA-approved keto vitamins.


The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulates all vitamins for safety, quality and efficacy, ensuring products only contain ingredients from a pre-approved list, are manufactured in a certified facility that meets quality standards, and the manufacturer holds evidence that the product does what it says it does.


Locako's keto vitamins are available at Woolworths or online at locako.com.au