Lipton Quality Black Tea

Lipton Quality Black Tea

Research suggests that keeping your mind challenged can help maintain powerful brain functions like memory and alertness. Now you can give your mind a mental workout at

Brain Train users will be able to challenge their minds with brain exercises ranging from simple maths problems, reaction tests and memory, with the ability to chart and compare results. Registered users can keep track of their mental development, play stimulating games and learn more about the benefits of tea all while being in the running to win $30,000 in cash!

Developed by Lipton, is Australia's first online 'mind training' site and has been designed to help explain the discovery of L-theanine - a natural component of tea which promotes a relaxed yet alert state of mind.

L-theanine is a natural amino acid found almost exclusively in tea, it stimulates brain activity, known as alpha waves . Alpha brain waves are associated with promoting a relaxed, yet alert state of mind. Research conducted by Oxford University suggests that 50mg of L-theanine, the amount found in just two to three cups of tea, is all that is needed to achieve this state2.

Hot tip: Have 2-3 cups of Lipton Quality Black Tea before you play Brain Train. The boost to your alpha brain wave activity from L-theanine can help you stay relaxed yet alert.