Lili Kendall Lifetime

Lili Kendall Lifetime

LA Based Aussie

Sassy LA-based Australian force, Lili Kendall has today announced her sultry new single Lifetime, a cosmic love song to a young partner, set for a global release on December 1.
Lifetime is bound to catch listeners off-guard - it's a surprisingly mature love song from this young artist, who has already reinvented herself several times throughout her short career.  But Lili is fully formed on Lifetime; relaxed and in control, her unmistakable voice glides above world-class production from her collaborator Deaneaux.  Lifetime is the most appropriate name for this slow-burning track – RnB and hiphop influences are sprinkled throughout, but there's a cosmic force underlying that somehow places this song on the edge of this universe and the next. 
Speaking about the track, Lili enthuses, 'I wrote Lifetime when I first moved to LA in June.  It's about the chase that you and the other person are on at the start of a relationship.  The back and forth, and lust, the want of each other.  It's also about being ride or die for that one person because you know that you have been lovers in previous lifetimes, and it is something worth fighting for."
Lili has settled into the creative LA lifestyle without a hitch, and is currently putting the finishing touches on her new EP.  'My EP is finished and we're in the final stages of mixing and mastering, as well as making some amazing visuals for each song," she says. 'I am home in Australia for the holidays and will be heading to Sydney and Melbourne for work, I'm so excited to be back on home soil and get into the studio with some local creatives."
Lifetime will be released on December 1.


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