Lethal Sky

Lethal Sky

Lethal Sky

A ship carrying the most deadly cargo in human history is steaming towards the world's great cities...

Intelligence agent Marika Hartmann must make a life and death decision in the skies over Sydney. Her colleague PJ Johnson is leading an unyielding team of Special Forces soldiers against a terrifying new weapon of war, now in the hands of the enemy.

Meanwhile only Dr Jan Sloven can decode the biological conundrum left by a deranged scientific genius and now threatening millions of people.

Past mistakes will come back to haunt them all in a last ditch fight against an implacable enemy.

Greg Barron has lived in both North America and Australia, and studied International Terrorism at Scotland's prestigious St Andrew's University. He has visited five of the world's seven continents and crossed Arnhem Land on foot. Greg's writing reflects his interests in political, social and environmental change. He lives on a small farm in Eastern Australia's coastal hinterland with his wife and two sons.

Lethal Sky
Harper Collins Australia
Author: Greg Barron
ISBN: 9780732294380
RRP: $29.99