Lemon Tree Passage DVD

Lemon Tree Passage DVD

Lemon Tree Passage DVD

Cast: Jessica Tovey, Tim Phillipps, Pippa Black, Andy Ryan, Tim Pocock, Nicholas Gunn, Piera Forde
Director: David Campbell
Genre: Horror/Supernatural
Rated: MA 15+
Running Time: 84 minutes

Based on actual events, Lemon Tree Passage, is inspired by a YouTube video that went viral. Shot from the back of a speeding car, the clip shows a dancing light that is said to be the ghost of Newcastle's Lemon Tree Passage Road.

Boasting an all-Australian cast including: Jessica Tovey (Home & Away, Two Mothers, Wonderland), Tim Phillipps (Animal Kingdom, The Secret Circle, Once Upon A Time), Pippa Black (Neighbours, Outsourced, Law & Order: SVU) and Tim Pocock (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Home & Away, Dance Academy), Lemon Tree Passage is the haunting story of teenage fun gone wrong.

Maya (Jessica Tovey), Amelia (Pippa Black) and Toby (Tim Pocock) are three American tourists backpacking their way around Australia. When a trip to the beach leads to a chance encounter with Aussie locals: Geordie (Tim Phillipps) and Oscar (Andy Ryan), the trio become fascinated with a local urban legend – that teenagers that speed down Lemon Tree Passage will be haunted by the ghost of a motorcyclist who lost his life on that stretch of road.

The group soon decide to investigate the urban legend themselves and take a fast drive down the infamous passage. Their fun soon turns to fear as a mysterious ghostly figures appear and the teenagers start losing their lives one-by-one. The remaining members of the group must try to solve the mystery and escape Lemon Tree Passage before the next death.

Special Features:
The Real Lemon Tree Passage Ghost
Extended Ending
Cast Interviews and Rehearsal Footage
Theatrical Trailer

Lemon Tree Passage
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Blu-ray: $39.95