Laurel Laxxes Polar Eyes

Laurel Laxxes Polar Eyes

Laurel Laxxes - Polar Eyes (ft. Angie Hudson)

Laurel Laxxes is taking a step outside of what is deemed 'popular electronic music", and gifting us with a dark and somewhat introverted release.
It becomes very easy to follow the crowd in this current musical climate, but this indie producer is making a move for the lead position. -Polar Eyes' is a tune that reflects Laxxes' emotional outlook and a period of transition in his life.
'I was bored to death of hearing tropical bangers and wanted to write a moodier, more reverb-soaked tune that reflected where I was mentally. The juxtaposition of the faster paced beat against the brooding guitars and synth patches is the end result of the uncertainty and emotional fluctuation I was feeling while writing alone in my studio. I wanted to create something that was both distant and intrusive at the same time." - Laurel Laxxes
In comes Byron Bay songstress Angie Hudson to add a whole other dimension to the already layered track with her stunning voice.
'She picked up a moody, pensive vibe from the track and sent me her ideas for the melodies. The lyrics are about viewing a deteriorating relationship between two people from the outside, but also being directly affected by what happens in it at the same time. Being both involved but removed can create a confusing, ethereal feeling  which we tried to capture in the performance of the vocals" - Laurel Laxxes

'Angie and I decided to name to the song 'Polar Eyes' because the song is about viewing a relationship between two people that you care about from the outside. Seeing the contradicting ways they act towards each other and witnessing the positive and negative habits of their behaviour and actions." - Laurel Laxxes
As the cruisey melody progresses, a cosmic evolution of quirky sounds simmers deep within the background of both verses and transitions. Funnily enough, they are sounds sampled from Hudson's room.
If this is the future of a darker and deeper electronic sound then Laurel Laxxes is the one bridging the gap. -Polar Eyes' is available everywhere now including SoundcloudSpotify & iTunes.

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