LASHES Love Is Blind

LASHES Love Is Blind

As the southern hemisphere steps into autumn, Ballarat electro-pop newcomer LASHES is set to keep the summer vibes coming with her bright and brilliant new single 'Luv Is Blind', out now.

Co-written with Northeast Party House's Mitch Ansell right before the first COVID-19 lockdown in Victoria, 'Luv Is Blind' sees LASHES further explore dancefloor-ready beats and vocal hooks that demand attention. The result is the perfect soundtrack to a poolside afternoon that also promises a refreshing warmth to the gloomiest of days.

"'Luv Is Blind' is about unrequited love and the things you softly tell yourself to lessen the blow and feel better about it," says LASHES. "I was having a tough time moving on from somebody - I found myself daydreaming about them and the ideal scenario playing out between us. I had my rose coloured glasses on not wanting to see things for how they truly were.

"It turned into a bit of a 'pity party', however I didn't want the soundscape to reflect this. Sonically I wanted it to emulate a beach party, the musical elements making light of a heavy situation which plays into the fairy tale-esque state of mind I was living in."

Due to travel restrictions as a result of COVID-19, 'Luv Is Blind' was produced via FaceTime with frequent collaborator Xavier Dunn, with final vocals recorded in LASHES' bedroom. The track was mixed and mastered by Liam Quinn (Illy / G Flip).

'Luv Is Blind' follows the release of two remixes of LASHES' sophomore single 'The Island', in collaboration with REYKO! last month.

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