Lambert & Stamp DVD

Lambert & Stamp DVD

Lambert & Stamp DVD

Cast: Kit Lambert, Christopher Stamp, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend
Director: James D. Cooper
Genre: Documentary, Music
Rated: M
Running Time: 113 minutes

A remarkable story about the unexpected discovery of legendary British rock band The Who, Lambert & Stamp takes us through the journey of aspiring filmmakers Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert. In this epic bio, the pair initially set out to find an inspiring subject for their underground movie but instead, uncover, mentor and manage the unique raw talent that would eventually go on to become iconic band The Who.

Through their meteoric rise to fame and success, the group forge a moving and complex relationship. Lambert and Stamp nurture the musician's creative development and direction, sculpting the artistic identity that would then go on to influence generations to come.

Mindfully directed and produced by James D. Cooper (Brother's Keeper, Celine Dion: Let's Talk About Love) Lambert & Stamp is an untold story that will appeal to fans and novices alike. A beautiful film, charged with a mad concoction of noise, love, rebellion, artistry and hilarity, following the wild ride of the two men behind one of the most exciting bands of all time.

Special Features:
Commentary with Director James D. Cooper
Q&A with Henry Rollins & Director James D. Cooper

Lambert & Stamp
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