La Felix I Wanna Know

La Felix I Wanna Know

La Felix I Wanna Know Review

It wasn't too long ago when we heard from New Zealand producer La Felix when he teamed up with Mexico's That's Nice for a very sexy track called -Delicious'.

La Felix is back with somewhat of a contrasting original release that plays with the more supple tones and melodies of French Wave-Disco.

-I Wanna Know' brings the vibes of loneliness on a rainy night with pulsating and groovy bass lines.

Interestingly, the Talkbox section of this track was originally created for another track, which didn't quite come to life. Cut to a few years later, and it is used right here.

'I came up with the chord progression and accidently came across the Talkbox section I had previously forgotten about. Who knew they would go so well together," La Felix said.

This five-minute track is a blissful blend of sounds and rhythms that is perfect for a warm and cosy night in by the fire.

-I Wanna Know' is available everywhere now including Soundcloud, Spotify & iTunes.