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Kulcar Australia

Kulcar Australia

The last thing anyone wants to do after a long, relaxing day on the beach in the middle of the summer is hop into a car that feels like an oven. Not to mention the anxiety of putting children and babies into a boiling hot car knowing it will take up to 10 minutes to cool it down once the parent has organised themselves and the air-conditioning has kicked in. Thankfully, Kulcar Australia has an innovative solution that will have Aussies breathing a sigh of relief. Kulcar is a solar powered car ventilator that vents out hot air in cars while parked under the sun unattended. Kulcar does not require any power and operates purely off a solar panel.

The temperature inside a sealed car parked under the blazing sun can quickly exceed 70 degrees Celsius and a plastic steering wheel can reach closer to 80. Once the temperature reaches 65 degrees Celsius, harmful fumes like methyl, acrolein, butanone benzene, propylbenzene and more are released. If a Kulcar is installed correctly in a car parked for one hour or longer in temperatures of 35 degrees or above, it is guaranteed that the car will experience a decrease of 10 degrees, or the customer receives their money back.

The Kulcar wastes no time at all, replacing all of the air within an average-sized vehicle in 90 seconds flat. The product is small and discreet and is easily installed (and uninstalled) on the side of the car window. The twin turbo fans within the device work hard to keep the temperature down so that getting into your car on a hot day is a more bearable experience.

"Every single Australian is familiar with the feeling of getting into a hot, sweaty car if it's been parked in the sun. You're hit with a gust of warm air, the steering wheel is impossible to touch and the metal of the seatbelt is a fiery weapon!" says Kevin Sun, Managing Director of Kulcar Australia. "What most people don't realise is that sitting in a hot car is not only unpleasant, it's actually damaging to your health as a result of the hazardous fumes emitted from the burning plastic within the vehicle. The Kulcar cools cars quickly and effectively to combat these risks."

"We love the fact that while the sun can be our worst enemy in the summer, it's actually the product's best friend. It's 100% solar powered so there is no need for electricity, batteries or charging devices," says Kevin.

"The product should take less than five minutes to install. Simply roll down the window and place the short rubber strip on to the window. Next, place the Kulcar system with the solar panel on the outside of the window and the fans facing the inside, and then slot in the pre-cut larger rubber strip. Finally, roll up the window until it is fully closed and you're done!" explains Kevin.

When the sun is not in direct contact with Kulcar, the cooling will stop therefore if there is a sudden drop in weather temperature it won't get too cold inside.

For optimal results, Kulcar recommends using one device for a small two-seater car, two devices for a four-seater car and three for a six to eight-seater car.

Given that the Kulcar is powered solely by a five volt high efficiency solar cell, it is environmentally friendly as well as convenient. It also eliminates the need to run air conditioning at full pelt, which reduces fuel consumption.

Kulcar is available online at www.kulcar.com.au. RRP $129.