Kill For Me DVD

Kill For Me DVD

Kill For Me DVD

Cast: Katie Cassidy, Tracy Spiridakos, Donal Logue, Ryan Robbins
Director: Michael Greenspan
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Rated: MA
Running Time: 91 minutes

A dark story of two girls seeking revenge from their horrible past, Kill For Me takes a bold and ruthless look into the aftermath of domestic violence.

While trying to move on from an abusive ex-boyfriend, Amanda, looks for a roommate to help pay the rent. Hailey has recently moved to college to get away from her own abusive background. Now roommates, both girls comfort in their friendship and make a pact to help each other overcome their problems – no matter what the cost.

When Amanda's abusive ex-boyfriend catches up with her, a riveting roller coaster of suspense and twists is set in motion. In order to survive, the two girls face their harrowing histories together. But as Hailey's former life becomes more transparent, it's difficult to decipher who is the victim and who is the cold-blooded killer.

Also starring Donal Louge and Ryan Robbins, Kill For Me is a must-see drama thriller.

Special Features:
The making of Kill For Me

Kill For Me
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