Kids At Midnight The Survivors EP

Kids At Midnight The Survivors EP

Kids At Midnight The Survivors EP

Jane Elizabeth Hanley is a singer/songwriter, producer & DJ out of Melbourne who goes by the name Kids At Midnight, and this week she is excited about releasing her debut EP, along with its next gorgeous single, -Silence'.
'I wrote and recorded these songs around the same time almost two years ago, but I had a hard-drive crash of epic proportions and lost absolutely everything. I had no program files, no stems, no parts, no nothing. All that was left was a few last versions of tracks I'd bounced-down to send to a friend" – Kids At Midnight
Whilst obviously heartbroken and not having any idea how to move forward, Jane decided to take a huge leap of faith and release one of these bounced tracks to the world, just as it was – that song was the aptly titled -Survival'
'I took a gamble and released that version of -Survival' as it was, and I was just blown away with how well it was received. -Survival' connected with so many people in a way I really never expected" - Kids At Midnight'



Off the back of this experience, Jane wrote and released a new track called -Electrified', and was once again amazed by the response it received, inspiring her to go back into the studio to start working on some more new material.



Like all of Jane's music, 'Silence' was written and recorded in her bedroom/studio in Melbourne, more than a year after the hard-drive meltdown. Somewhere in the midst of the production process, Jane realised this new track actually reminded her of the songs from the -Survival' period, and so she decided to bundle them all together and release them as her debut EP.
''Silence' is about all the things you wish you could say to someone when you're a emotionally stunned. How the words, sounds and feelings can fill a entire world inside your head, but you're completely lost trying to find a way to say something - you are basically stuck in silence" - Kids At Midnight

'Silence' (new single):
The Survivors EP is available now from iTunes and on Spotify.