Kat Hoyos Bring It On The Musical Interview

Kat Hoyos Bring It On The Musical Interview

Kat Hoyos Bring It On The Musical Interview

Bitingly relevant, sprinkled with sass, and inspired by the hit film, Bring It On The Musical takes audiences on a high-flying journey filled with the complexities of friendship, jealousy, betrayal and forgiveness.

Bring It On The Musical will have its Australian Premiere at NIDA THEATRES, Kensington playing from Saturday 27 June to Thursday 9 July 2015.

Uniting some of the freshest and funniest creative minds on Broadway, Bring It On features an original story by TONY Award winner Jeff Whitty, music and lyrics by TONY Award-winning composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, music by Pulitzer and TONY Award-winning composer Tom Kitt, lyrics by Broadway lyricist Amanda Green and was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Musical.

Bring It On The Musical tells the story of the challenges and unexpected bonds formed through the thrill of extreme competition when rival high school cheer squads perform explosive dance and aerial stunts, tumbling and flipping across the stage, performing elaborate routines culminating in towering formations of human pyramids.

A colourful cast of 27 bright, young performers, including cheer-royalty Campbell, captain of the Truman High School cheer squad, is suddenly forced to spend her final year of high school at the neighbouring, hard knock Jackson High School. Despite having the deck stacked against her, Campbell befriends the dance crew girls and, along with their headstrong and hardworking leader Danielle, manages to form a powerhouse squad for the ultimate competition - the National Championships.

Bringing this Australian Premiere to life will be Director, Rod Herbert, Musical Director Anne-Maree McDonald, Choreographer Tracey Rasmussen, and Stunt Choreographer Melissa McKenzie.

Season Details

Dates: Saturday 27 June – Thursday 9 July
Venue: NIDA Theatres, 215 Anzac Parade, Kensington
Times: Saturday 27 June @ 8pm;
Sunday 28 June @ 2pm & 8pm
Wednesday 1 July @ 2pm & 8pm
Thursday 2 July @ 8pm
Friday 3 July @ 2pm & 8pm
Saturday 4 July at 2pm & 8pm
Sunday 5 July @2pm
Monday 6, Tuesday 7, Wednesday 8, Thursday 9 July @ 2pm
Prices: from $49 (groups of 10 +) to $59
Bookings: 132849 or www.ticketek.com.au

Interview with Kat Hoyos


Question: Can you talk us through your previous performance history?

Kat Hoyos: I started dancing when I was 5 and decided at the end of high school to do acting at the University of Wollongong. After that I did full time at Brent St, to get those dance skills back up to date! Ive done all types of jobs from singing in a bands, to doing theatre in education, to straight theatre, musical theatre, music clips, commercial dancer, even directed and choreographed!

Question: What should audiences expect from Bring It On The Musical?

Kat Hoyos: The best thing to do is not expect anything and be open to the world of Bring It On the Musical. Ready, OK!

Question: How does the musical differ from the movie?

Kat Hoyos: Well the show is loosely based on the first movie, and is more similar to the third, and it being a musical as opposed to the movie - The characters SING as well as dance and act. Triple threats.

Question: How did you go about audition for Bring It On The Musical?

Kat Hoyos: I was approached by the creatives to see if I was interested…did a bit of youtubing, and thought...yep! This could be a good challenge! Like any audition - song prep, dance call, a couple of callbacks with material and then cross your fingers.

Question: Did you originally audition for the role of Danielle?

Kat Hoyos: Yes I did!

Question: Can you tell us about your character, Danielle?

Kat Hoyos: Danielle is sassy, strong, smart with a little bit of -tude. And she looks pretty fierce too.

Question: How are you similar to the character of Danielle?

Kat Hoyos: Similarly, we've both worked to get what we wanted, and naturally for me without knowing, I tend to fall into taking initiative and leading a group. Danielle stands up for what she believes in, and will put a word in when there is injustice, but also vulnerable! I'd say Danielle is a very loyal and protective friend…like me!

I am definitely a cheeky person in real life, so watch for these moments on stage.

Question: What are you enjoying most about the role of Danielle?

Kat Hoyos: From an actors perspective - changing my physicality, the way I talk, sing and move is fun to explore. Her words speak truth to me. Being honest, working hard, and having a bit of sassy fun along the way!

Question: Can you talk us through the training and rehearsing for Bring It On The Musical?

Kat Hoyos: The Jacksons (which is myself), don't do much 'cheerleading" as were a 'hip hop crew". I get a little bit jealous though as the Truman ensemble are learning all these fantastic cheerleading skills…so I do a bit of admiring from afar. I really want to get involved with all the lifts! Rehearsals have been great so far. Everyones learning about the show, about each other. Its exciting to see what other people bring to the rehearsal room.

Question: Have you practiced cheerleading, before?

Kat Hoyos: In my sleep, yes. Actually, I did do a little bit of cheerleading, but that was very short lived. I did two performances, and then did my knee so I was out of the rest of the season. Yes... a very, very memorable time.

Question: What's next, for you?

Kat Hoyos: Lots of gigs! Being versatile is key in this industry. Theres always something, somewhere to get involved in. My weeks are always so different. I love being part of a creative process - behind the scenes or performing. Performing is always number one though. Keep you posted ;)

Interview by Brooke Hunter