Kasey Chambers Storybook

Kasey Chambers Storybook

Kasey Chambers Storybook

"I'll be totally honest," admits Kasey Chambers, a woman who finds it hard to be anything but, "without the inspiration of a lot of the artists on 'Storybook', I probably wouldn't be making music today."

With the impending release of her autobiography, 'A Little Bird Told Me', Kasey felt the time was also right to pay some dues to the artist that have shaped her own music. Hence this heartfelt set of faves and standards, Kasey's very own personal mix tape.

"It was exciting to be a human jukebox for this record," she confesses, "to get the chance to record the songs I love."

One of the darkest songs to ever scale the pop charts, Suzanne Vega's 'Luka' is the first single from Storybook and has been a personal favourite of Kasey's since she heard it on release in 1987.

Kasey says "I remember when Luka was on the radio, I heard it and fell in love with it, but wasn't sure why. It's a soft-sounding beautiful song with such a hard-hitting theme. To bring those vastly different elements together in a song is something that's always amazed me about Luka".

Kasey also works her magic on gusty, soulful tunes hand-picked from the songbooks of Paul Kelly, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Fred Eaglesmith, Patty Griffin and many others. These songs are a fair bit of grit in their grooves, populated by very real, very human characters.

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