The Hidden Wife Joanna Rees

The Hidden Wife Joanna Rees

The Hidden Wife by Joanna Rees is the second novel in the 'A Stitch in Time' series and continues the story of Vita Carey from The Runaway Daughter.

A sweeping historical trilogy, we are transported to Paris, 1928 where Vita Casey (formerly known as Anna Darton) has established a new life for herself, after running away from a terrible crime she was forced into committing two years earlier.

Keeping a low profile as a dresser at a cabaret hall, Vita meets Nancy who is part of a risqué dance troupe – it's a vibrant world of wild parties, drugs and jazz music.

But despite the fun, hedonistic lifestyle they lead, Vita longs for a proper career and to rekindle her dream of designing lingerie. So, when an opportunity to work for famous couturier, Jenny Sacerdote presents itself, Vita grabs it with both hands and is exposed to a different side of Paris society.

Left to her own devices, Nancy spirals into drug abuse and danger, and Vita has to save her friend. But can Vita really trust the people who want to help her? When there are those back in England who wish to see her ruined and forced to pay for the past she ran away from…

About the author:

Joanna Rees is the best-selling author of 15 novels, including rom-coms, blockbusters and big-hearted adventures such as The Tides of Change and A Twist of Fate. Based in Brighton, Joanna is married to the author Emlyn Rees, with whom she has three daughters. They have co-written several novels, including the Sunday Times number one bestseller Come Together which was translated into over twenty languages and made into a film.

The Hidden Wife
Pan Macmillan Australia
Author: Joanna Rees
ISBN: 9781529018868
RRP: $32.99