Jira, Archie and Eve

Jira, Archie and Eve

Jira, Archie and Eve

Our three new resident alpine dingo puppies Jira, Archie and Eve, have found their new home with us here at the Zoo and are ready to greet families just in time for the school holidays!


Making their TV debut earlier today, this energetic trio captured the hearts of onlookers as they bravely ventured away from their proud keepers and lapped up all the extra attention.


Being only seven weeks old, these curious puppies are already exploring every inch of their new home and are showing off their big personalities to anyone who stops by to see them.


Each pup has been named after an outstanding indigenous Australian. Eve is named after local Gubbi Gubbi elder Eve Fessel, Arichie is name after singer Archie Roach and Jira is after Albert Namatjira the famous painter.


Archie is the only male and the easiest to spot with a striking white coat, however his sisters Eve and Jira look similar except in size. Each have very different personalities though making it fun for visitors to guess who is who!


Dingo keeper Erin Berry said that taking care of the three new arrivals is a dream come true and she's loving watching them grow each day.


'Even though Eve is the smallest of the bunch, she's -Little Miss Confident' and is ready to explore every inch of her new home. While Archie is incredibly independent, he still loves his cuddles and can't wait to meet everyone when they drop in to say g'day!


Jira is our alpha, and has to be the first to find out what everyone is doing. She's easy to spot because she's incredibly nosey and is the most playful of the group – so far she's the only one to be brave enough to go swimming!" said Erin.


Families visiting Australia Zoo these September school holidays are encouraged to come and see Jira, Archie and Eve as it's great for their socialisation and development before eventually joining our wandering wildlife crew to help share the cuteness and bust common dingo myths. 


Originally from Bargo Dingo Sanctuary in New South Wales, these pups are essential to Australia Zoo's commitment to help educate everyone on how to harmoniously live alongside amazing native Australian predators, just like dingos.