Jenny Ainslie-Turner, I Prefer My Men Whipped and Shaken

Jenny Ainslie-Turner, I Prefer My Men Whipped and Shaken

As Jenny Ainslie-Turner's clients know, pretty much anything goes. Her work as an escort and dominatrix is fuelled by a very real and deep understanding of what controls the male sexual psyche, a skill that has also made her a globally-renowned erotic author.

For the first time, Ainslie-Turner now tells her entire life story in 'I Prefer My Men Whipped and Shaken: The Birth of a Mistress'. It's a frank, raw and blood-pumping exposé' of a life lived on the edge of sexual decency. At the same time, Ainslie-Turner's exploits with clients remind readers of just what it means to be human.

Welcome to my world as an escort cum dominatrix. It is a frank, uncensored and sometimes hilarious account of the clients that stepped over my threshold. How I started out as an escort which finally gave birth to me as a dominatrix and a very much desired larger lady perfect for smothering, crushing and trampling.

The book is intertwined with my real-life experiences that lead me to the woman I am today; strong, independent and force to be reckoned with and an incredible ability to cripple men with expert ease while discovering my talent for beating and torturing men for a living.

Want to know about the real BDSM world then this is the book for you. Want to know what men really want? Then be prepared to be shocked and disgusted.

The colour grey does not exist within my book only black and blue, and sometimes bloody.

"It goes way beyond just sex," explains the author. "For me, my work answers that basic primal instinct we all have to meet our desires, face our fears and push the envelope of normalcy. I've been doing this a long time, and now help train other girls to dirty talk and make good careers out of it. I am very proud of my work and, even though we brush it under the rug, it's very much mainstream. When you read my book, you'll see why we're all controlled by our sexual urges and psyche."

Continuing, "Clients' requests have become increasingly bizarre over the years, and I've enjoyed helping them realise these fantasies. At this point, almost anything goes and I'm always open to the bizarre or strange. I hope readers grow as people after reading my book, both sexually and in terms of their outlook. My life is guaranteed to be very different to yours, but please come inside. Perhaps literally."

About the Author:
Jenny Ainslie-Turner is a worldwide and critically acclaimed erotic novelist who has had her books published worldwide, the most recent being 'I Prefer My Men Whipped and Shaken' Jenny Ainslie-Turner's memoirs of her years as a Dominatrix. Following the successful work of 'A Darker Shade of Rose'. Jenny Ainslie-Turner has been an established figure in the adult erotic entertainment industry for over 20 years.

​ She starred in a Channel 4 Documentary, 'My Phone Sex Secrets' back in 2012 and is still being shown today on TV and can also be found on YouTube. Look out for a new documentary where Jenny Ainslie-Turner appears as a guest recounting her time as an extreme dominatrix.

As an accredited writer she has written for various newspapers in both the UK and the US. Her opinions on all matters erotica are widely sought on both sides of the Atlantic. A keen blogger her works are always entertaining as she shares her incredible experiences from the industry including being a highly successful 'Chat Girl' where she has also trained numerous new girls in the industry. ​

She was also called upon by Universal studios to write a review for their DVD release in the UK; For a Good Time, Call… which you can find in the Huffington Post. The movie featured two girls starting up their own chat line. Jenny Ainslie-Turner was amazed to discover how much the story-line mirrored her own life as a self-employed chat girl operator.

You will find this enticing woman highly addictive as she shares her world with you...