Jaxn Faw I'm Not Sober

Jaxn Faw I'm Not Sober

Jaxn Faw is a 19 year old indie-pop artist from Adelaide, South Australia. The Jaxn Faw project started in January 2020, so far this young artist has launched like a rocket ship with accumulating over 100,000 streams across Spotify all independently, the future is bright for this star.

Jaxn Faw is a multi-talented lyricist, vocalist, producer and engineer. "You can put any instrument in-front of me and I'll be able to play it, I'm thankful for that"

Jaxn Faws future goals include moving out of Australia to somewhere like Los Angeles or Amsterdam, of course when everything is better in the world, which right now seems a little far out of reach.

When I hear Jaxn Faws music I can see him on stage with pop artists like Lauv, LANY, Boy In Space and Jeremy Zucker. It's amazing to see what this superstar has accomplished in the first 6 months of Jaxn Faw. With no promotion Jaxn Faw has been able to land on Spotify editorials like "New Music Friday, Australia & New Zealand" & "Chill Af" This is such a huge accomplishment that a lot of artists DREAM of. Massive success is just around the corner for this indie-pop star.

"I just want people to enjoy and vibe along to what I create, I want to take the listeners away from whatever they are doing or whatever negative things they are feeling" - Jaxn Faw

About "I'm Not Sober"

"I'm Not Sober is about how I met my girlfriend, it was on the night of my 19th birthday. The song takes the listener back in time. The verses of the song play a role of the day after I woke up, wanting to text my now girlfriend. The chorus' play the role of the night I met her. At the time I was feeling lost and had completely given up on love, I went out no intention of meeting anyone, it just happened. This reminded me of a quote that is often said in reference to finding love "It happens when you least expect it"."