The Japanese Bath

The Japanese Bath

Let bathing become an integral part of your life with the Japanese Bath from Clear Solutions.

More than just a place to wash, the Japanese bathroom is considered to be one of the most important rooms in the house. It is traditionally a place of calm contemplation and deep relaxation.

Throughout the ages the Japanese have maintained the ancient culture of bathing and its therapeutic practices and now, available form Clear Solutions, the Japanese Bath will make a healing centre out of any Westernised bathroom.

Known as an Ofuro, it is traditional to clean oneself thoroughly before stepping in. The body should be submerged up to the chin as you sink slowly into the steaming hot water, enjoying the feeling of wellbeing and harmony that it brings you.

Not only is the Japanese bath an utterly decadent way to relax and get away from our busy lives, it is also considered therapeutic to the body, keeping it warm and promoting circulation.

A combination of ancient wisdom and modern design has created today's Japanese Bath. Manufactured in Australia, choose from traditional wooden style to contemporary hight-grade acrylic. All Japanese Baths are shorter, wider and deeper than Westernised standards and feature steep walls. This ensures the water is kept hot and the simple shape ensures total immersion right up to the chin.

Invite tranquillity into your world with the Japanese Bath from Clear Solutions.

Priced at $799, The Japanese Bath is available nationally through Clear Solutions.