Back Street Boys - Backstreet Mom

Back Street Boys - Backstreet Mom

Author of "Backstreet Mom", Denise McLean, mother to AJ McLean's leaves it open for fans to ask her questions regarding her book, her son--Backstreet Boy, AJ McLean, drug addiction and the entertainment industry.

StarShine Magazine's editor-in-chief, Sandy Lo Grasso approached Denise about the column and she gladly agreed. Denise had wanted to do a column like this for some time now. "There are still hoards of Backstreet Boys' fans out there, especially in our magazine who want to know more." Lo Grasso explains. "This column will not only give fans a chance to ask Denise about the group, but it will give people in general--parents and kids--a chance to ask about deeper problems regarding alcohol and drug addiction or even problems faced in the music industry." She says.

Questions for Denise McLean can be e-mailed to: along with your first name, (or alias) age. All e-mail addresses and personal information are kept confidential. Answers will appear in StarShine Magazine starting in July. Please note due to limited space in the magazine as well as the amount of e-mails, Denise may not be able to answer all questions.

"Backstreet Mom" is in stores now and more information on Denise McLean is available on her official website: For more information on StarShine Magazine, visit: