'Whenever I enter an Izakaya restaurant, nostalgic memories of my youth float to the surface. I'm not sure why, but I guess the relaxed atmosphere allowed us to talk freely together about our future, relationships, travel plans and lots of other things too." – Hideo Dekura

Izakaya is fast becoming the new trend in dining. A fusion cuisine of Japanese tapas and sake, these eateries are the perfect blend of tradition and progression, celebrating the best of fresh and seasonal local ingredients.

Izakaya is so much more just another dining experience. Its heritage, atmosphere and place in the tapestry of everyday Japanese life are where friendships are forged and problems are shared.

In this book, award‐winning chef, Hideo Dekura transforms a novice cook and entertainer into a master. Introducing a typical Izakaya menu as well as some more modern dishes, you can now enjoy good food and sake in a unique Izakaya environment; you've created for yourself and guests.

All dishes are designed to be shared and include recipes such as deep- fried dishes, seafood, vegetables, poultry, beef and pork, as well as sashimi and sushi techniques and exquisite desserts.

Izakaya also features a comprehensive drinks section that guides you through the many traditional Japanese drinks, mixers, and their preparation, that accompany the food.

Hideo Dekura was born in Tokyo and started his training in his family's restaurants. Here he learnt the principles of sushi and kappou-‐ryori food preparation, cooking and presentation. At the same time he studied the philosophy of Chakaiseki (the cuisine of the tea ceremony), teikanryu shodo (calligraphy), Ikenobo-­‐Ryuseiha (flower arrangement) and Hocho Shiki (the ceremony of the cooking knife) from Iemoto-­‐Shishikura Sokensensei under the authority of Shijyoshinryu. In 2007, the Japanese government presented Hideo with an award for making a significant contribution to the promotion of Japanese food and cooking. Hideo runs the cooking studio, Culinary Studio Dekura, works as a food consultant and is known as an expert in all aspects of Japanese cuisine.

New Holland Publishers Australia
Author: Hideo Dekura
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