In Inherited, Amanda Curtin gives us a selection of beautifully crafted short stories that capture the ebb and flow of human relations. These are stories concerned with the gifts and burdens we inherit from the world and those we love, and the traces we leave behind.

Curtin's characters range from the odd and quirky to the heartbreakingly ordinary: a dancer in a wheelchair, a collector of corks, one woman seduced by a mountain and another by Freddo Frogs, a sound designer stealing the sound of a room, a photographer distilling grief in his lens, a man who hears his dead wife's voice, a poet whose voice has disappeared.

Families, relationships, memory, secrets, creativity, collecting, ageing and obsession recur throughout these nineteen short gems.

Amanda Curtin has been a book editor for more than 20 years, presents workshops for writers and is an Adjunct Lecturer at Edith Cowan University. The Sinkings (UWAP 2008), her first novel, received wide critical acclaim. She lives in Perth.

UWA Publishing
Author: Amanda Curtin
ISBN: 9781742582931
Price: $26.95




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