In At The Deep End

In At The Deep End

In At The Deep End

A quick-witted, contemporary
romance about the power of
the past and losing your cool.

In an adventure travelling through Southern Ocean icebergs, Northern Sydney beaches and Pacific Ocean swells, In At The Deep End explores a relationship seeped in history.

Harriet Scott, a headstrong environmentalist, is a crewmember on a ship headed to Antarctica to film a whaling documentary. When the ship crashes into an iceberg Commander Per Amundsen, an infuriatingly capable Norwegian naval officer and living breathing action hero, rescues her and turns her world upside down.

Per and Harriet are namesakes of Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott, the first and second explorers to reach the South Pole. Per, like Amundsen, is calculating, capable and always in control. Harriet, like Scott, is persistent, persuasive and passionate.

Per thinks Harriet is an accident waiting to happen; Harriet thinks Per is a control freak. When Per is forced to abandon his research project following the mayday call, he holds Harriet personally responsible. But they are forced to work together when they realise they need each other to help fund the new ship they both desperately want.

Meticulously researched, debut author Penelope Janu dives in at the deep end with a novel full of adventure and heart. The passion and volatility of her heroine and hero could melt ice caps.

An utterly charming romantic comedy, reminiscent of The Rosie Project and Where'd You Go Bernadette about finding your own identity and how polar opposites can, in fact, attract.

Penelope Janu is a lawyer and legal academic who lives in Sydney with her husband, six great kids, and two big dogs.

She has degrees in Arts and Law, a Masters in Law, and spent many years working in legal firms and academia.

Penelope has a strong interest in social justice issues and the environment.

It was while teaching a university course about the legal regulation of climate change that the inspiration for the environmental aspect for In at the Deep End came to her.

Her daughter Tamsin Janu, author of the award winning Figgy books, was first published when she was 23. But it took Penelope a few more years to release her creative juices – it was an editing course Penelope did -out of interest' that led to a Masters degree in creative writing and a newfound passion and career.

Penelope is a wide traveller, having lived in numerous countries, travelled the globe and hiked from the west to the east of the Lake District of England earlier this year. Although she likes adventure as much as her heroine Penelope is yet to go to Antarctica though she would love to.

In at the Deep End is her first book.

In At The Deep End
Author: Penelope Janu