IKEA Australia will give Australians their first chance to experience the highly anticipated SYMFONISK collection, before it is available to buy in-store and online from 27 September.

The national unveiling of the collaboration between IKEA and Sonos, taking place within the bespoke SYMFONISK listening box, will show Australians how the collection combines high-quality sound with beautiful design available for the many people.

Through the SYMFONISK range, IKEA and Sonos want to democratise music and sound in the home to create products designed for how people listen out loud, together.

IKEA Australia spokesperson Mark Mitchinson says, "sound enhances our life at home and the collaboration will enable many more people to create atmosphere in the home with great design and sound. Sound can act as a mood booster and is as important for creating the perfect atmosphere at home as any rug, art piece, or sofa. We're thrilled that IKEA has continued to explore the exciting world of audio, in collaboration with Sonos to blend sound into the home."

SYMFONISK Table Lamp with Wi-Fi Speaker: $269
With the SYMFONISK table lamp with Wi-Fi speaker, IKEA and Sonos have created a great sounding, great looking piece of furniture that blends into the home in a new way, making it easier to furnish with sound.

The SYMFONISK table lamp combines light and sound into one product in order to declutter the home with less devices and cords. The table lamp looks to challenge the traditional high-tech aesthetics and design without compromising on the sound quality. The lamp-speaker partly springs from the idea of the fireplace – one single piece that spreads warm light as well as sound.

SYMFONISK Wi-Fi Bookshelf Speaker: $149
With the Wi-Fi bookshelf speaker, customers will get a connected and multi-functional speaker at an affordable price.

The bookshelf speaker can be easily blended into the home, whether you decide to tuck it away, or keep on display. The speaker can double as a shelf that takes up to 3kg with the bracket. It can also be attached to almost any kitchen rail.

Both products are compatible with Sonos' own product range and can be steered through the Sonos app.

The IKEA smart home of the future
The exploration of sound for IKEA is part of a bigger journey towards smarter homes and to help IKEA customers feel even more connected to their space. The SYMFONISK range will join IKEA Home Smart, the new collective name for the range of smart products that can be controlled with a remote or via the IKEA Home Smart app. The range of smart products from IKEA, from speakers and charging pads to bulbs and light panels, are cleverly designed with both style and functionality in mind - meaning you can get truly smart around the house, saving time, money and energy.

Mark Mitchinson continued, "IKEA sees a great potential in the smart home business. We strive to make solutions for life at home by integrating technology into our homefurnishing offer that are easy to use and affordable, thereby making smart home technology accessible to the many people. In the years to come, there will be additional launches, enabling people to build onto their smart home solution."