I Made it This Far

I Made it This Far

I Made it This Far

According to the Huffington Post, 1 in 4 women will be victims of domestic violence in their lifetime. Angelique E. Constance is one of these women.

Constance is the author of the new book, I Made it This Far, a memoir recounting the tragic experiences that occurred during the first half of her life. The memoir articulates how Constance was able to overcome abuse and transform herself into a renowned female bodybuilder.

'By sharing my horrors and triumphs, I hope to reach others currently facing trying times," says Constance. I want them to know that it gets better."

The memoir inspires both men and woman to take control of their lives and not let tragedy become an excuse for shortcomings. Constance believes that actions as well as response to adversity dictate an individual's life path.

'Accountability and work ethic are fundamental to leading a fulfilling and amazing life," says Constance. 'My story shows people how they can escape the vicious cycle of abuse and make themselves feel valued."

I Made it This Far is the journey of a professional athlete who has encountered unspeakable challenges. It highlights her drive to succeed and prosper in spite of difficult circumstances.

Angelique E. Constance has been a bodybuilder and fitness competitor for the past 30 years. She works as a life and health coach inspiring those who are struggling and hopes to become a positive and powerful voice for women's rights.

I Made it This Far
Author: Angelique E. Constance
ISBN: 9781452572000
RRP: $20.48

Interview with Angelique E. Constance

Question: Why was it important for you to write I Made it This Far?

Angelique E. Constance: I felt it was time to share my story because there is so much of family violence, sexual abuse, bullying today all over the world. I wanted to inspire women of all ages and let them know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel if they are ready to take the steps to heal within and take their life back.

Question: How did you go about overcoming abuse to being a renowned female bodybuilder?

Angelique E. Constance: Fitness was my life savour, as it gave me an out, to focus on myself, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It provided me a goal from start to finish. If I would get discouraged, I would look at all of my achievements from competition and realize how I inspire other women to take care of their own health but also take the steps to work towards any goals they set their mind too. Anyone can have all the achievements in life, as long they take the responsibility of their life and become the person they have always known within them. That's what kept me going, the drive, the desire, perseverance, and determination no matter what. Even when everyone told me I couldn't do it or achieve it. I took my life back and made a decision to take steps to heal within.

Question: What drove you to succeed in your bodybuilding?

Angelique E. Constance: I truly loved getting ready to compete or even going to the gym at 5 am in the morning. It was my time to do something for myself; it gave me strength to keep going with my life. I became so passionate with my sport of competition. It gave me a focus to be the best I can, and it helped me with everything I have done in my life with perseverance, persistence, determination, the will to make a difference and live life to the fullest. Every time I set a goal for each competition I surrounded myself with the best trainers and the support of my children. As I inspired them to become very strong individuals as well.

Question: Was it difficult to relive any moments of your life, whilst writing I Made It This Far?

Angelique E. Constance: At times it had its moments of reliving parts of my life experiences but it also helped me heal and let go and Let God take care of the past. I cannot change my past, as I have learned so much on how to become a driven strong passionate woman.

Question: What message do you hope readers take away from this book?

Angelique E. Constance: My message to the readers, is that if you are one who is going through tough times or abuse, please do come out and take responsibility of your life, as you are so valuable to all of us. You have so much to give and have so much talent that you have known within you. Being in many situations as I have experienced, we think that we are unable to achieve the dreams we had set for ourselves when we were young. You can be, do and have the life, career, happiness, financial freedom, whatever you set your mind and heart to. You are going to achieve all of your life goals no matter what.

As well, if I can save someone life, than I did my job of being of service by sharing my story, giving them hope that they are loved, seen, heard, understood and valued. Life is simple and I am here to say that I love you and I hear you and see you…Let 's be Pro Active rather than react. Enough is enough, women needs to stand by each other not behind or ahead each other. Let's create a strong awareness for women who deserves to be SEEN and HEARD…

Interview by Brooke Hunter