Hummingbirds Don't Fly in The Rain

Hummingbirds Don't Fly in The Rain

Hummingbirds Don't Fly in The Rain

The story that grabbed international headlines is revealed in a new memoir-A mother's heartbreaking journey from the loss of a child to finding ultimate peace, love and healing.

On December 23, 2007, a small private plane carrying Kimberly Klein's thirteen year-old daughter, Talia, her ex-husband, and her daughter's best friend crashed into the side of a volcano in Panama. The story made international headlines as the frantic search for survivors spanned several days in the treacherous mountains until finally the news came of only one survivor-but it was not Talia.

Hummingbirds Don't Fly in The Rain, by Kimberly Klein, chronicles Kim's gut-wrenching seven-day journey to Panama in search of her missing child; her families fascinating and, at times, shocking lives before the accident; the wrongful death lawsuit she filed following the crash and the ensuing trial; and finally, her discovery that her daughter had not really 'died' but continues to live and communicate with her.

"Hummingbirds is about my transformational experience from pain and great trauma to the other side of the spectrum where I was able to find acceptance and healing in order to be able to survive," said Klein.

Klein recalls that December day when she received a call telling her that her daughter's plane had not arrived as expected. The events of each day unfold with Kim's hurried and frantic journey to Panama, her desperate attempts to help with the search and rescue efforts, the shocking discovery of the crashed plane, the news that only her daughter's friend had survived, and Klein's heartbreaking return to the U.S. with her daughter's ashes in a backpack at her feet.

The title, Hummingbirds Don't Fly in the Rain, refers to a sign Kim receives when a hummingbird shows up outside her window while she's thinking of Talia. She knows it is Talia, because it's raining -- and hummingbirds don't fly in the rain.

"Pretty soon after the accident I could feel Talia all around me. Her messages began to heal me, and I wrote about that. The book started off as a memory keeper, a way to remember her, and ended up as a way to chronicle an amazing journey from devastation to healing," adds Klein.

Woven into the excruciating story are the details of an ultimately strained marriage between Kim and her ex-husband, Michael Klein, an internationally known hedge-fund manager. Klein recounts the extramarital affairs, the lies and the ultimate abandonment by Michael of Kim and Talia.

In addition to Hummingbirds Don't Fly In The Rain, Klein has just released a companion book, The Universe Speaks, a journal of conversations Klein's daughter, Talia has shared with Kim via a medium since the accident. The book is focused on the life lessons, wisdom, universal words of truth and healing Talia shares through her communication with her mother from the spirit world.

Raised in Southern California, Kim Klein attended the University of California, Santa Barbara. After graduating with a B.A. in Political Science, attending law school and being admitted to the California State Bar, Klein worked with her then husband in real estate investments and their high-tech companies. Klein now spends her time writing about her experiences surrounding the death of Talia and is learning how to heal others from the grief of losing a loved one. She currently resides in Nevada, where she enjoys the peaceful desert scenery and continues on her path of healing, learning, and spiritual awakening.

Hummingbirds Don't Fly in The Rain
Author: Kim Klein

Interview with Kim Klein

Question: What inspired you to write Hummingbirds Don't Fly in The Rain? Was it difficult to re-live the experiences, throughout writing Hummingbirds Don't Fly in The Rain?

Kim Klein: There was not one specific inspiration that spurred me to write Hummingbirds Don't Fly in The Rain. The book just showed up on its own.

From the moment I received the news that my daughter's plane was missing, I was thrown into a different reality. My memory shut off and I was merely surviving. My entire consciousness was focused on getting to Talia, saving her and bringing her home. After I was told that she did not survive the plane crash, I was not able to remember a thing about our life together-not a thing!

So, in order to come to terms with all that had occurred during those days of searching and waiting in Panama, looking for the plane, not knowing what had happened, finding out that the plane had crashed, I began to write. I started from the moment I received the call that her plane was missing and wrote everything that I was able to recall.

As I wrote, pieces of events and conversations started to become clearer, and the clearer those pieces became the more I was able to remember. As I asked people what had happened, and wrote, more information came to my memory. That is how I began to process the tragedy, that is how I was able to regain my memory of those nightmare days in Panama, and that is how I regained my memory of my life with my daughter. I just kept writing.

The result of my writings is an amazing story of tragedy and healing, of raising an extraordinary child, how she grew into the gracious person she was, what it was exactly that formed our relationship, and her relationship with her father.

It was not difficult reliving the experiences while writing Hummingbirds; it was actually very helpful to me. But it was very difficult-and still is-when I either read or listen to the chapters about Panama. Then I am thrown back to those moments and I actually feel the feelings I had at the time.

Question: What made you decide to include details about your relationship with Michael Klien?

Kim Klein: While writing about Talia as a person, a child, a daughter, I realised that it was her relationships with both her father and me that really formed her as a person. Instead of just saying in the book that Talia was very strong, steadfast, and level- headed even in the face of all the issues she had to deal with in her life, I wanted to let the reader see, feel really, Talia's personality. So I included her relationship with her dad and me. Both of us had a major influence on how she became the person she was.

Added to that, in order to understand what made Michael the man he was, the father he was, I needed to show the reader a great deal about Michael's life. What happened to Talia was directly connected to who Michael was, so I felt it was important to share his background. Nothing happens in a vacuum, and I needed to give everyone a clear picture of the life Talia led-all of it-in order to really understand who she was here, and to help everyone understand who she is now, in spirit.

Question: Can you tell us about The Universe Speaks?

Kim Klein: The Universe Speaks is a journalised record of hundreds of hours of conversations between Talia, in spirit, and a person here, in body. From the moment Talia transitioned to the spirit world she has been speaking from Heaven to us here in body. At first it was just to let me know she was OK, and to help me during my time of need. Then, as soon as she got her messages to me that she was OK, she began to expand on what she was saying from Heaven to include messages for other people, and eventually, for the world.

Talia has a way of speaking to G, the person who has all of the communications with Talia in The Universe Speaks, in a way that allows anyone reading these conversations to really feel the process G went through of learning to communicate with Talia. While having regular everyday conversations with G, which in itself teaches people that everyone and anyone can communicate with the spirits if they really want to and believe, Talia shares information about what happens after you cross over, what it is like in Heaven, and how one should live their life while in their body to give them and others the most real, authentic life, a life full of love, happiness and joy. Talia talks about how energy, gravity and thought work, as well many many other lessons of love and wisdom. The Universe Speaks is truly a book that can help heal people, relationships, and the earth!

Interview by Brooke Hunter