How Bruce Lee Changed The World DVD

How Bruce Lee Changed The World DVD

How Bruce Lee Changed The World DVD

Cast: Jackie Chan, LL Cool J, Stan Lee, Sugar Ray Leonard, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, musicians RZA from Wu Tang Clan, Damon Albarn, Lalo Schifrin, John Woo, Brett Ratner, Margaret Cho, Eddie Griffin
Director: Steve Webb
Genre: TV Documentary
Rated: PG
Running Time: 120 minutes

With his laser-quick hands and feet, steely body, and vast knowledge of Chinese martial arts, Bruce Lee was a one-of-a-kind powerhouse, taking on and taking out the bad guys with gusto. His astonishing skills brought him fame and movie roles, but who knew the real man behind the flying arms and legs?

This groundbreaking documentary takes a completely new approach to Bruce Lee's legacy. From his birth in San Francisco to his mysterious death at age 32, just three weeks before the opening of his only U.S film, Enter The Dragon. Along the way, Lee introduced ancient martial arts to the modern world, securing a permanent place in our popular culture.

More than just a biography, this cinematic journey travels across the United States, Asia and Europe taking Shannon Lee on a trip back to her father's roots in Hong Kong and China. With seldom-seen interviews and rare home movies, hear as we explore How Bruce Lee Changed The World.

Review: Incredible, what an amazing journey showing the true courage and dedication of Bruce Lee.

How Bruce Lee Changed The World