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Born between: July 23rd - August 22nd

The Leo symbol is a lion and the attributes are mimicked by those born under the Leo star sign as they are proud, strong characters who are passionate leaders which unfortunately may be perceived as bossy.

Some absolutely wonderful news could come your way, Leo, possibly about career or financial success, perhaps involving positive changes in your neighborhood. If you've been thinking about working in writing or publishing - or any art, for that matter - this is the day to set events in motion. Your imagination is operating at a high level and so is your ability to communicate with others. Go for it.
Don't be surprised if things don't go exactly according to plan today, Leo. Unexpected events are likely to pop up and disturb the course of action. Realize that these disruptions have a place in your life and that they're occurring for a reason. You might not understand exactly how or why, but that's OK. You don't need to know. Welcome these new energies into your life.
This is your day, Leo. You may find that people gravitate to you for advice and support. They're apt to lower their guard and more openly accept things you believe in. Conversations could lead to more spiritual topics, and before you know it, you'll be giving lessons on the meaning of life. Suddenly, your private thoughts are reaching a huge audience that's eager for your words. Use this power responsibly.
Frolic in a wide-open field today, Leo. Pick some wildflowers and put them in a vase on your kitchen table. If you can't leave the house or go beyond the back yard, do something equivalent to frolicking and picking. Small things can bring sunshine and hope to a stagnant situation. Clear your mind of unnecessary clutter and open it to new possibilities. Nature remains your best friend, coronavirus notwithstanding.
To understand the major shift that's taking place, Leo, you must look at events from a lofty perspective. A slow-acting liberation is gathering momentum. In the next seven months, you'll be unable to resist the opportunity to rid yourself of some oppressive part of your past. You'll shed your old complexes and emerge renewed. Don't be alarmed if some family relations suffer as a result. The distress is only temporary.
Your intuitive nature is especially strong, Leo. You won't have to think about things because you'll have the ability to just know the answers. If any penetrating detective work needs to be done, this would be an excellent time to do it. Your caring, sensitive nature will get you through any door you want to walk through today. Keep that smile on your face at all times.
Shake off the dust of the past few weeks and put the confusion behind you, Leo. Your tremendous imagination and creative ability have been dormant lately because you may have not known how best to channel them. Perhaps they've been used negatively, leading to fallout in certain areas of your life. The good news is that things are changing. You should make a conscious effort to refocus this creativity in a positive direction.
Feel free to take the lazy route today, Leo. Don't lift a finger if you don't really have to. It may be hard to get others moving as well. You can prod all you want, but, ultimately, if people don't want to go, they aren't going to. Your flexible nature might be put to the test. More than likely, you'll find that you need to adapt to the whims of others rather than the other way around.
This would be a good day for you to sort out your business, Leo. You should file important papers and get rid of extraneous materials or trivia at work. Taking the time to do this will save you even more time in the long run. As for your love life, be expressive. Clear up any old misunderstandings that could interfere with your pleasure. Above all, enjoy yourself!
Take a look at what's going on around you today, Leo. Do some internal processing before you reach a conclusion about the best way to proceed. You may find that powerful forces are trying to win you over to one camp or another. Don't pigeonhole yourself into one way of doing things. Keep in mind that the best route is often a combination of several different paths.
Other people might have a hard time navigating through the day, thanks to the intensity and corruption that's likely to surface. You have nothing to worry about, Leo, because your adaptable nature is perfectly suited to dealing with the stubborn forces that are likely to rear their heads. This is a good time to clean out your closet and throw away things you no longer need. Be ruthless.
There's an excellent day on the horizon, Leo. If you feel hemmed in by fears or uncertainties in your love life, the day ahead will give you the courage to discuss these matters with your mate. Even if more time is necessary to settle things completely, you should make good use of today's clear communication channels. You won't be disappointed (and neither will your mate).
Consciously, realize that you're someone unique and special, Leo. Remember this through the day and let your actions reflect this affirmation. There's a rather distinct intensity to the day that might cause others to be on edge. Don't be disrupted if there are people freaking out in your world. The good news is that you should be able to handle this intense blast of emotion easily. Emotions are your forte!
Decisions will be even more difficult to make than usual today, Leo. On the one hand, you may feel a need to stabilize, while on the other hand find that your energy is raging in a million different directions as you want to seek new experiences and social interactions with others. Try to adopt a plan that combines both of these energies. Nervous energy will keep you moving.
Was someone close to you rude without any provocation? Were you the target of unpleasant criticism? You take these slights to heart. Beginning today, and throughout the days to come, you can expect to withdraw somewhat in order to lick your wounds. You need more harmony and gentleness in your love life, and you're likely to obtain that soon. Be patient!
You can interpret the day ahead as an open-ended question about you, Leo. You may have noticed certain physical or psychological aspects of yourself that make you uncomfortable. The day ahead may force you to take action to correct that attitude. If you just share your concerns with a friend or relative, you'll accomplish a great deal.
This is an excellent day for you, Leo. You should find that things are running smoothly and to your advantage. Watch out for those who may want to rain on your parade by bombarding you with information that doesn't really connect with the way you feel. This information is unrelated to the real issues - how you feel and why. Pay attention to your heart.
More than ever before, you'll feel as though it's time to take matters into your own hands and build your future, Leo. You're fed up with living on hope and putting your happiness off until tomorrow. Your determination will be so strong that you may even surprise yourself. You'll refine your approach and make it more concrete in the coming days. Today is the first day of a new life for you.
Today's aspects are suggesting that you take a good hard look at the state of your ego, Leo. Are you too proud or too humble? Buddhists say that the path to spiritual fulfillment lies in knowing how to build a healthy ego while at the same time developing a part of oneself completely foreign to the ego. Are you working hard at this?
Feeling unusually adventurous, Leo? You're often motivated by your idealistic expectations, and the planetary configurations today are going to push you even further on your spiritual quest. Satisfy your desire to discover new horizons and meet new people by saying hello to anyone and everyone you feel like talking to. Sometimes life's biggest adventures begin with a simple action.
Getting out and working with groups could seem especially appealing today, particularly groups involving athletics or other physical activities. This is an excellent day to go out for team sports or attend a yoga, aerobics, or tai chi class. You could also want to make a short trip out of town with some friends. A bit of adventure is definitely in the wind for you, Leo. Enjoy it!
You can expect today to be kind of intense, Leo. Even if you've made a conscious decision not to let anything get you down, you may still harbor some negative emotions from the last few days. Take advantage of this time to relieve stress. Talk to someone close or go out and whack a tennis ball. An artistic pursuit, such as sketching or photography, will help eliminate some of the negative energy.
Your stroll through the universe of possibilities that you so love has come to an end, Leo. It's time for you to come back to Earth and join the rest of us. You have more hope than most people, like the good Leo that you are. You understand that we need your imagination and courage regarding the future! Today you may have to make an important professional decision.
Until now, you didn't know you were capable of managing people with problems. But the so-called poetic universe you inhabit is actually much more realistic than it seems at first glance. People who believe that human reality is 100 percent logical will feel ridiculous when they see the elegant, humane solutions you invent.
Today will be fairly calm in terms of outside events, but your inner world is likely to be in a rush of activity. Today you wish you could find the solution to your heartaches as well as your career predicaments. Youd like to achieve some supreme understanding of the events that took place over the past month. First you must force your brain to slow down. Haste makes waste, as you know!

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